Battle of the Immortals Private Servers

New 2018 opened private server level cap 240,New Bosses, New Maps, 6 and 7 Star Brand New Pets, New Mounts, Open world PVP, Exalted LV120 Equips, Active staff, 600x Server rate, on a brand new fully dedicated Server, Weekly Events, unique character stats, Server is Online and waiting for you

Fast boost [start from 105lv, full gear]50000zen daily free, 7lv gems free Bosses with GS

Battle of Immortals Private server with great rates, new community, bug free, friendly admins, lag free, professional team, updated maps and dungeons,and new bosses Free Zen, new Eternal coins, op pets, and new items new shop map

BOI Universe - Private BOI Server - Odins Wrath Patch - No Lags - Active Community - Drop: x50 - Exp Rates: x35 - Daily Free ZEN : 40000

Russian Russian server adminsEXP x300 Drop x85 FRee-Zen 5k-90k dayPrivat shop to vip money

9999x REAL RATES Active GAME MASTERS, DEDICATED HOST, Free Items on start, OFFICIAL server files, DDOS PROTECTION, Fully updated with latest official changes, lag free and professional support JOIN NOW

Well balanced rates, One the most fair private server youll ever experience,There is NO pay-to-win,Starter pack ready for you- Awesome Community - Private server that supports [Windows and Mac OS]

BOI Addicting Network New Patch Odins Wrath Expansion, Experience: x500 Drop Rate: x500 ZEN: x500 Patch: Odins Wrath Free ZEN: 50k at register Join now

The official site of the premium hardcore action MMORPG After the world has been destroyed, players are tasked collecting ancient relics in order to battle the gods themselves Hardcore PvP and epic PvE await within this free to play online game

Hello All, welcome to DragonFury gaming network enjoy Boi dragon, exp-55, drop-70, daily zen-50k collect 6 days and 7th is doubled Come and Play

Free to play MMORPG XP x 200, Drop XP x 200, online 24/7, experienced staff Free zen hourly + every 12 hrs per vote Free download

Experience the best BOI private server ever created Official server files fully working with lag free and dedicated support Rates are 9999x for everything Join today or youll come later

Battle of Immortals Online private server with high, low and mid rates, new community, bug free, friendly admin, lag free, professional team, updated maps and dungeons, improved graphics and models

Experience the best BOI private server ever created Official server files fully working with no lag and dedicated support Rates are 9999x for everything Join today or youll come later

x6 rates, custom client, new boss/lord drops, OC from quiz, lvl3 gem chest from LH, constantly updated with suggested ideas,Zen items available via coin/salary, custom 4k growth pets from 35 starter -dark zodiac-New Server opened 02/12/2015

Zero zen market, fast leveling, kind community, new bosses, pets, maps, items and much more Running on a powerful dedicated server and being the longest running BOI server so far [4+ years] Dont miss out all the fun and join now

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BOI PS Conqueror , Exalted 45 Gears, Adornments, Ring set , CHalice16, SJ16, New pets, Maps, Bosses , custom items, and VIP RANK

Exp 150x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Daily Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, No Bugs, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now

[Odins Wrath Expansion][6 Classes][LVL 150-ex100 Cap][Good Starter Pack][BOI Retail Storyline/Gear up System][High Rate][Weekly Updates][Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers][Open World PVP-Territory Wars][24/7 Support][No Lag][No Downtime][Join now and discover much more]

[-Private Server-] [-Arcane Realm-] [-Experienced Staff-] [-No Lag-] [Active Community] Drop - x25 Experience - x75 Daily Free ZEN - 40000

Version [Guardians of fate] [Experienced staff]EXP [100x] Drop [50x] FreeZen [10000] [Online 24/7] [NO LAG] Join Now FRESH START : 09/04/2013

Join the first ever Battle of the Immortals private server XP x25 Drops x15 ,no donation it is free, new updated, Active friendly staff, Come and join now

BOI -EXP x250, Gold x250, Drop x250, Vote for cash, new updated client free to download, high speed gameplay, website up 24 /7 , no lag, fast loading, Enjoy