Dark Age of Camelot Private Servers

Midgard und Hibernia wurden von Monstern berrannt Doch nicht nur die einfallenden Horden sind das Problem, Intrigen, Geheimnisse, Spionage sind an der Tagesordnung Werde ein Teil dieser Welt

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Primary language Spanish, PvP server, Special Zones, Selective zone drop (addapting it like Mythic drop system), exp x2, RAs, PETs, potions, Bainshee/Valkyrie/Vampiir/Heretic Implemented

Hamachi server working 24/7 u can get DBScroll and stones+8 from lotery very fast plvling rate , donation,GuildWar,friendlyPM039s first and second reborn join us you039re welcome

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Epic War est un shard DAOC francophone entirement gratuit reproduisant le systme RvR (realms vs realms) De nombreux ajouts indits

We are a project to make DAoC play 4 free we are making events, RvR and more

Avec sa nouvelle version, le serveur Valinor vous offre de nombreuses possibilits supplmentaires de jeu sous DAOC(Qutes, comptences de royaume, craft, classes spciales renaissance + implmentations Valinor)

RVR DaoC Server based on DOL emulator with a lot of improvements

News, Views, Pictures about the Templars of Vengeance Guild Alliance DAoC Gaheris Server

Instant 50 RvR Fight vs Other Realms in Thidranki Artifacts Avg 70 people online New RA System Casting Pets Lag Fixed LISTED on DAOC PORTAL

instantPvP is back iPvP20 brings you the ability to get Level 50 immedially for joining partys fighting other groups or do it alone RAs, Pets, Artifacts, Dueling Arenas and much more Visit our Homepage for more Information

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Me and my partners are building an DAoC server from scratch Come in and help us out

Ein Rollenspielserver mit vielen eigenen Scripten f

Der Neue Deutsche FlyFF PServer mit

classic zonesRealm Invasion System, Aerus City as Coop XP region Daily Quest in RvR with Special mount as reward Zombie Assault: Special arena where you have to fight against an hord of zombie, through 10 levels Housing full working

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9999xp / 100drops / 24/7 long Term / Season 1 / Shops - BOKs +1+2+3+4+5 / ALL JEWELS / WINGS lvl1+11 / 5 SLOTS FOR GM OPEN / BUGLESS / NO LAG / FRIENDLY ADMINS I NEED A TEAM TO MAKE THE SERVER Better/ WE NEED GMS

Freeshard with Diablo II like gameplay using the DAoC client