Ether Saga Odyssey Private Servers

EXP x25, Gold x25, Spirit x25, Good valor on Different Mobs ether saga WW without custom Gears custom Bosses, Ether Castle War, New advanced pets, NPC, Great Staff Fully Free to play Join us today

We have got the super fast 10000x Ether Sega Odyssey server with no down High Speed Rate come enjoy now

Destruction Private Server, Most updated ESO server - Experienced friendly staff - 24/7 - no lag- No excessive donations - big community - Join now

A mid rate server[ 15x Exp / 15x Gold / 15x Drop / 15x Sprit ] Ether Castle War, Stable server with dedicated staff teamMultiple clients, constant updates and offering Free E-Bucks Located in Europe

[Latest updates] Fresh server, tons of new content, well balanced rates and much more Join us NOW

New addicting gameplay, you can stop any-time you want, join us now, is one of the best servers evere created, you cant resist the 9999x REAL SERVER rates and profy staff team

Official server files from the official latest updates servers, great way to play, new and cheap item mall, easy to start, 9999 reats, better than official

EXP x30, Gold x30, Spirit x30, Good valorCome back to the old odyssey without custom items Pure PVP battles, Bosses and many moreFully Free to play Join us today

We reopened with new server and new features, continue the development of Ether Saga Odyssey, lets start over and make another epic story to tell ESO Zero+ is an unique mid-rate Ether Saga Odyssey server with tons of custom new features and continuous, incremental development

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Fully english Ether Saga Oddyssey serverx50 exp x20 drop x20 gold x10 quest ratesHourly e-buck for being onlineDaily events run by our staff with awesome prizesCome join us


Well balanced rates, One the most fair private server youll ever experience,There is NO pay-to-win,Starter pack ready for you- Awesome Community - Private server that supports [Windows and Mac OS]

Balanced REALMS:-Low rates-Medium rates-High ratesNo pay to win system , everything is earned by farming and crafting Join today and get a free starter

Welcome to the one and only ESO p-server x50 exp x50 sp x50 drop and gold rates x5 quest exp and sp Daily run hide and seek events by our staff hourly free e-buck just for being online and from voting Come check us out and have a great time

Ether Saga Origin v366 [NEW] Low, competetive rates [3x Exp, 3x Gold, 5x Drop, 3x Spirit, Vocation Exp 2x and 2x Quest Rewards] Constant heaven repository updates Dedicated staff team Vote for E-Bucks Experience the old ether saga at its best

Core-Games presents you a gaming network with all latest updates With our great features such as Vote for Coins, D-Shop to Item - Exchange, Real A9 - 3 Skill Bars, DK-Square, Colosseum we ensure that youll enjoy gaming with us Choose between three servers or play all of them Join now

The best Ether Saga Online server of all XP 200x, GOLD 1000x Custom items, custom dungeons, custom creature and many moreEnjoy

New server, clean, fast and with a 999 Uptime, high rates, new content, free items, dedicated staff team, no donation server and a lot more Give us a try

Private server, one of the most fun private server you will want to join: Active Staff, Updates every week, Tw , Ether Castle, 4 Realms [2 PVP and 2 PVE] Fun GMs Events Come join USRates x25

Fun friendly server With Drop parties and great events

New server, clean, fast and with a 999 Uptime, high rates, new content, free items, dedicated staff team, no donation server and a lot more Give us a try

[Ether Saga Oddyssey Private Server] - [Gold: 150x] - [EXP: 75x] - [Drop: 99x] - [Spirit: 120x] - [Ether Castle War] - [Lag Free] - [Multi Client] - [4 PVP Realms] - [4 PVE Realms] - [Daily Events]

New server, clean, fast and with a 99 Uptime, high rates, new content, free items, Professional staff, no donation server and a lot more Give us a try