Flyff Online Private Servers

Wana Play a REAL Flyff Server Well here it is Out rates are 500x each We just started our beta testing and we are ready to make it to the top We have a great community great gamemasters and most of all a great server Join now

Flyff private server Looking for GMs

A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you the best - No donation shop, everyone is equal - Inventory Tabs - Max Level: 200 - Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets - 3rd Jobs - Custom Skill Changes - Equipment Quality System: every item has 100+ variations - Glow Change Menu - Countless other features

Saga FlyFF: Re-opened September 2017Exp: 250 Drop: 50 Penya: 250 4th Job Max Level 300 Rebirth 25 Alchemy System with Plant system Auto-job change, Red Chip shop, Perin shop, Fashion Combination, Teleportation System a

Welcome to AlvionFlyff, a place where Pros are Pros, and noobs are pros We have: Vote-rates, nice GMs, Reward System and much more AlvionFlyff, where your oppinion counts

Rate: 125xExp 100xDropsAll green weapons Lv 15-105, All green sets 15-105,CS seller,24/7,less Lag,Scrolls,Pets,GM,Needs,New players get 1Billion Penya And many more things

The Best Private ServerExp: 100XAll in Shops24/7 So Comon Get in

Spirit FlyFF is a progressive low-rate server with quality modifications to provide you the best gameplay possibleOur RatesEXP: x10 DROP: x5 Penya: 50xMaximum Level 155

EnchantedFlyff Low Rate pvp/guildwar server, new server just released , 999exp 999drop 999penya custom rc shops, custom npcs, online rewards event join now enchantedflyffsytes

Low Rate, Mutli Language Client, Real Mounts to walk and fly, Tabbed Inv, Modelviewer, Logintime Bonus, Beginner Sets, 3D Maps, New Monster, 4th Job with new skills, Old/New Glow, Modelchange, PetGlow, 5xRebirth, 3xGuildsiege, VIP System, Pickup Scroll, Vote Rewards, Join us

Come join the new high rate server Friendly GM039s Rates: x1000::x1000::x1000REBIRTH SYSTEM No HamachiNo LagAll Greens in shops Start with 100000000

Server Venezolano Usa conexion 4 mb EXP: 15x DROP 15x Server FlyP pero que les guste corre en 4 gb de ram NPC al espa

TribalFlyFF is alive again After a long downtime (Approx 7months) TribalFlyFF is back again Rates: 250x EXP / 1000x FXP / 1000x Drop / 500x Penya Come, give TribalFlyFF a try You won039t regret it

Welcome to HellFlyFF we are currently looking for staff anyone with Experiecnce with FlyFF would be welcome039d instantlyCurrent Rates: 700x perm rates TBAMoney rates: 5000

Teaixflyff full v15, All Rates 300x Cash shop items in npc,Dedicated friendly staff, 24/7, and regular events All ran on dedicated servers

Fly for Fantasia is a private server and is now in beta testing Fast lvling, Kind and active gms, Hamachi source, 99 Online, Come and join this growing community Are Rates are 500x EXP,500x drops, for those that wish that would like to know

we are a new flyff server we have a working Cash Shop,Forms so stop buy and check us out Hamachi flyff024/corecontrol024

1000/1000/1000 exp/drops/money, all items are in NPC shops nice gms and NO lagg, no wips and events every weekend