Forsaken World Private Servers

Free Dysils Wrath server, Custom gear, Instances, World Bosses, Quests, NPCs, updated constantly with new mounts and flyers

Nightshade Forsaken World - NEW, HOT, FREE-TO-PLAY / Dysils Wrath / PvE + PvP Realms / All Instances / Revamped Instances / World Bosses / 10x Quest EXP / 10x Monster EXP / 150,000 Leaves Daily / Active Players + Guilds / Working Bases / Growing Economy / Custom Items + More

LMS Forsaken World - Dysils Wrath 30x: PvPPvE realms, All Instance Working + Latest Content + Dont require donations + Free Mount, items, donation money drop/sell in game + Leafs for Voting and time spent online + Stable LMS Gaming Community since 2008 + Come join the fun

Dysils Wrath server, Custom items, Instances, World Bosses, Quests, NPCs Best PvP Server

Forsaken World Aria gaming, Multilingual GMs, +100 exp +100 drops, PvP/Pve, custom items,Demon class available We will have lvl 100 patch soon Jugadores latinos/Br bienvenidos

A Friendly Forsaken World Server, 800,000 Leaves on Account Creation

[Orizon Forsaken World] - [New Server] - [Start with Max lvl and End-Game PVP Gears+Skills autolearn] - [Retail Gears-Pots] - [Largest Amount of Fashion, Pets, Mounts etc] -[Masive Open World PVP-Arena PVP-Clan Wars] - [24/7 Support] - [Join now and discover much more]

Deutscher FW-Server Derzeit im Beta betrieb, update kommt spaeter

FWR is the first server in the world to offer a true democracy Custom contents and features Such as online web store and web inventory allowing players to buy and sell to each other, Automated events that will allow players to win amazing in game prizes, real life prizes such as prepaid VISA cards

Exp 150x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Daily Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, No Bugs, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now

Dysils Wrath Servidor de forsaken latino para todo los usuarios de habla hispana// EXP Quest: x 5// Monster Exp: x 10// Quest SC: x 5// SF Regen: x 5// Drops: x 5// Realms: 5 + 3 instancias //riff eventos

CyberWarsX - The Best Forsaken World - LOOK NO MORE - Dysil Patch, WHOOPING 100k Free Leaves daily, active community and discord support, Stable Economy, LV5 Gem Cap, Active Staff - Community Communication Server started on Feb 5th and has 90 online after 7 days - Join and see why we are the best

Aria Forsaken World - Running the Awakening ExpansionAria is the god father of all Forsaken World private servers, and the only to offer expansions Beyond Blood RaiderServer features such as, custom content, same marriage, custom coded arena scoring system - level 100 patch, and more