Aion Online Private Servers

All Free, No Payshop Full 39 SupportRates: 5x EP, 5x Group-EP, 3x Quest-EP, 3x Gather-EP, 3x Crafting-EP, 3x Quest-Kinah, 3x Quest-AP, 8x Drop, 2x PVP-AP, 2x PVE-AP, 2x Arena-Reward, 2x Dredgion-RewarInstance-Rewards Coins for killing Bosses, Full Working Housing and Pet

i made a 317 server its brand new im looking for staff right nowtheres new texttures in the gametheres new prayer looksnew ground texture and wayer texturetheres jad with lava cape with new designtheres lots of commandse join the fun

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- EXP-Rate: 10x (Capped)- Gold-Rate: 5x- Own Mall without Random-Boxes: Buy your Mounts, Deco, Clothes with 100 success Mall prices are low too And with buying in Mall youll help the Admin keeping the Server )

THE first Aion Private server (aka Aion-extreme) Big community nice Mod amp admin retail like server join us )

Servidor aberto garanta sua conta agora O nosso site estara aberto para que voce possa criar sua contaInauguracao do servidor nesta sexta feira vamos jogar

DEDICATED I7 100MB/S SERVER XP 1000x,FREE Aion Private server, Abyss, Rifts, PvP, Free-Fly, Powershard, DARK POETA, Support 15110-210X, NO LAG UP 24/7, Hosted on USA Intel

Xp 40x, Drop 5x Support 35, All Itens, Skills, quests, Instances, FORTRESS SIEGE, Pets, Montarias e muito mais

Dawn of Time is also a brand new 43 and one of the most successful in matter of bug corrections Dawn of Time also have a very present open minded staffRegular animations, numbers of automatic events 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, 6vs6, Death Match, FFA, unique system of PvP map

server have monster in fm 1-22 all in one shop and npca good starter pack frendly gms come see hamach killersoft1-3 pass 123

New Russian GameFascinating and exciting gameThere is an opportunity to buy rare things Ability to learn a profession

Questxp:2 Questxp:2 DropRate:2xCsatlakozz hozzankWelcome Join us Active Gms Many EventsGood Drops

Zuplay WoWtlk serverWe have Fun Server/Low Exp Server/High Exp ServerJoin Us todayGood admins, NO LAG 100 Protection by Gameguard

Max 86lvl Rate:150X,Party:250x New 10 Maps,New 86lvl items ,New EventsWorks:legions,abyss pvp,warehouse,rifts,goodstone,shardsGOOD ONLINE

, Click on it and Check out our Everything inside

[Server v5095][Vip system][Flower][Gw Quest][Dis City][All monsters give 50 cps]Tallismans HeavenFan/StarTower][king/queen/prince Rank][Progres Items][Join Today][Server 24/7]

we run for this moment on hamachi we word for 24/7 join us now and vote for us and make us famous join and maybe you mod - admin :)

an private server of conquer online hopw all to enjoy with us dearsw8ting 4 ur voting

this server is very niceand it is on hamchiand join these rooms from:gtAhlaawy1

Asia server, full stigma skills, Webshop, vote system, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 6v6, Guardian Elyos, Guardian Asmo, 24/7 Support, Instant 75, Custom drop system, Discord channel and more

Season 4 episod 1 Exp 9999 Drop 85 Skill tree work BC 1-8 work 24/7 point 5/7/7Go web site and see more information Good luck have fun

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