Cabal Online Private Servers

MetaCabal est un serveur prive du jeu Cabal online -Type de serveur: pvp et rp sans obligation -Rate: xp x300 sp x50 alz x50 craft x20 - Renaissances au lvl170 (remise a z

The Page is Skilexp:500x Craft:100x Drop:50x Alz:250xGreat Server/Great Comunity/Tierra gloriosa/Reborn/Platinium service free and MORE COMEhttp://adekzminenu/cabal

Servidor 100 latino con rates no oficiales de 5x unete a nuestra comunidad y crece siendo el mejor

/ E -Cabal / Development Forum / Big Community / Guides / Releases / New Skins / Fixes / Login Bug Fixed /

Vote to this Nice serverLIFE TIME PLATINUM FULL ENGLISH SERVER Rates [ Xp: 100 Sp: 90 Craft xp: 20 Drop: 10 Alz : 50 ] Great Community, Great Support, long term Server 2 Click login No DC Come Join and Play in Elite Cabalwwwelitecabalc

Fire Squad Max EXP Max SKILL New Sword amp Magic Rank (Prophet) Free PREMIUM 4 ALL Users Astral Bike amp Board 10000000 Alz for Each New Char Dont Belive COME and SEE

EnJoy Here, gwapa kaau nuh eheheh

A New Fun Cabal Private Server For fun only we have a nice reset system so you wil be reborn at lvl 179 and get 1000 stats bonus reset limet is 6rates are trough the roof and no channel bug so instand login

New Cabal server rates are extremely high 2000x exp 2000x skill exp 500x alz :) 5x drop per mob 15x drop rateplease check us outUp and running :)

Private server/Rates [Xp: 5Sp: 6Craft xp: 2Drop: 2Alz : 6]/LIFE TIME PLATINUM/Great community/Great team/shop/NationWars/Events -- ServidorPrivado/Cuentas Premiun gratis/Gran comunidad/Gran equipo tecnico/shop/guerra de naciones/Eventos COme to jo

Cabal and Repent OnLine Private Game Servers, High rates for first week, Events, new fast high speed servers, Cabal opens in about 5-8 days Come to our community forums and see what039s up with us

cabal leyson cabal private server 400x xp hamachi connection

[550x EXP] [650x SKILLS] [550x DROP] [650x Alz] [All Premium_bikes_boards] COMING SOON[2 NEW CLASSES Necromacer,Evil Healer]

We are a CabalServer with nice Gm039s , no Laggs and more features The Rates are : 300x , 300x , 300x Join us Fast

Binary Mass Presents: Cabal Online - The Revolution of ActionServer Rates 10x EXP CRAFT SKILL4x Drop25x ALZ / BOMBFully Functional Cash Shop

For Kool Kids onlyRates:200x exp400x drop

Cabal brothers OPEN BETAfor 1 week then will be the full version500x ratesActive gms/adminsAlz web shopEvery day events u can win capes +8 forcium +7 3 sloted,bikesNewcomers gift 30 days board

New Server Cabal Online, DROPS:1000x, Skill Exp 3000x, Alz 2000x, Craft 3000x, 350 POINTS, FREE PREMIUM, ALL MAPS,ALL ITEMS IN SHOP, JOIN NOW

High: Start Lv 200, 5000 Bonus Stats, Osmium Gear, Easy Looting, Demonite Set, Lots of Events, Free eCoins Medium: Start Lv 110, 3000 Bonus Stats, Osmium Gear, Fairly Easy Looting, Demonite Set, Lots of Events, Free eCoins, Play to Win

Best PvE Server RU Balanced PvP-PvE Low Rate - Long Play New Skills Buffs New Costumes,Hats,Weapon skins All New official Dungeon and custom Dungeon Balanced Nation War+Unique features Fully Work T-Point System Yul Event System And morePlay Free Now