Conquer Online Private Servers

[Last Version 2D][CROSS SERVER][Zonquer_EU / Zonquer_US][EN/ESP/RO][Server Drop 5,25 Cps Bag][XP rate x1][All Epics] [FullyEpicWork][Inner Power][Online System Cps Reward][Many Quests][XPBall Events][ElitePK][Capture The Flag]Guarantee the stability and the highest performance

[Trojan,Archer,Water,Worrier,Fire] [Lvl 140] [2 RB] [Drop 250 CPS with party 750 cps] [Classic Gameplay] [Veterans] [Legends] [Old School] [Old Jump] [Classic Interface] [Fun] [Events] [Quests] [Spam Upgrade For Sockets] [No Potency] [Drop 250 CPS with party 750 cps] [Old Memories] [New Concept]

Private server merge project Great Hosting New server Others rapidly joining

this is an on going conquer server community

Vco is a(n) Conquer Online Private Server Mergization ProjectWe currently have 2 C coders and we are looking for moreRan on a home pc at the moment we are and will be moving to dedicated hostingWe are the first only Project of this kind join now

Server Exp:9999Server Drop:9999Shop:All Items Super +12Come aLL All GMs and ADMINs are friendly _ :) :) :)

An active and up-to-date American server, professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our unbelievable PVP/PVE events and the fairest game environment ever with +6000 active players daily, Guarantee the stability and the highest performance, Available for Windows and Mac OSX

EU - US servers, Free[Chi, Jiang, Equipments] Poker, ElitePK, SkillPK, TeamPK, CTF, too much events as possible as you can handle, We needs only pro players, security system against is always on and up-to-date, we will be HONORED by joining our server, WAITING FOR YA ALL

New era of Conquer Online Updating server everyday Now Public

New Conquer Online Server Ultra Speed

War2You is back We have Commands Online Now We need 10 beta testers Join now

DeltaWars The Official Site, Command an army, build an empire and fight for your survival, join guilds, declare wars Deltawars is a MMORPG where you can mould your troops according to your strategy, whether thats offensive, defensive,or just plain destr

A world to Conquer Online and Warrock

Come join us we got / CommandsTop lvl is 255You don039t have to level your selfViralConquer is a PVP Private Server So Come Join

We are a group of 4 servers US,BR,EU and WarLords with 700+ online Our game has all Systems work 100 Poker, Lottery, Roulette, Perfection, Jiang, Chi, PerfectionWarLords has been Upgraded from 20 to 30 With all new Rune System, Epic Pirate, Relics and DeityLand

[Version 5095][MaxLevel 137][MaxReborn2][Full Accesories][FixPK][NewGarment][1VS1Arena][StaminaFull][DuelZone][DonateNPC][StuffFree +12] [Drop500]

Server Union-Fire The new and distinctive server Very easy and you will be able to more easilyThe Server Droup 1000 k + vip 7 5000k King 15Top 10 m Big Monster 10 m More than 15 war clock

New server conquer 3d version 6609 Vps online no Lag 100 perfection system, jiangle hu, chi, come new play

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Conquer Online/ 100000x server /100 m/b connection/ Join now

[5095+][New Class Druid][Ballance PvP][Level 137Max][MaxRb5][Pure Class][Max+12][Ninja fully working][137 Items][GWFulWork][ClassPkEnvoy][SnowBanshee][TeratoDragon][NewGermant][Dragon Souls][NpcReward][Dedicated Server][Conquer Online Server join us wont regret it]

Higher Rates Higher Exp Better Service

Friendly Admins Great Service Updating Daily Minimum downtime