Conquer Online Private Servers

[Last Version 2D][CROSS SERVER][Zonquer_EU / Zonquer_US][EN/ESP/RO][Server Drop 5,25 Cps Bag][XP rate x1][All Epics] [FullyEpicWork][Inner Power][Online System Cps Reward][Many Quests][XPBall Events][ElitePK][Capture The Flag]Guarantee the stability and the highest performance

A world to Conquer Online and Warrock

Conquer Private ServerFriendly GMs Good Support Great RatesAnd Lots Of People24/7

Vco is a(n) Conquer Online Private Server Mergization ProjectWe currently have 2 C coders and we are looking for moreRan on a home pc at the moment we are and will be moving to dedicated hostingWe are the first only Project of this kind join now

Biggest CO server with 4 servers and over 15,000 players online Latest features such as WindWalker class, Cross Server CTF,Poker,PK, etc Join today and receive free starter pack

New Conquer Online Server Ultra Speed


EU - US servers, Free[Chi, Jiang, Equipments] Poker, ElitePK, SkillPK, TeamPK, CTF, too much events as possible as you can handle, We needs only pro players, security system against is always on and up-to-date, we will be HONORED by joining our server, WAITING FOR YA ALL

This is a Conquer Online private server ,but is still in beta mode Evrything works,just a few bugs Come in and join today:)

[Easy Classic][4 Years Online][Red/Black names DROP Gear][No Nobility, No Potency, No Talismans, No Ninja, No Mentors, No Item Lock, No CPS][Custom Events][Lotto, Mall, Lvl 135, +9, 2RBs][Rates: Middle][Here to stay]

If you want to make a private server of conqueronline so just follow the instruction inside the forum Please Vote for this

[Version 5095][MaxLevel 137][MaxReborn2][Full Accesories][FixPK][NewGarment][1VS1Arena][StaminaFull][DuelZone][DonateNPC][StuffFree +12] [Drop500]

Helloits CoE serverBig exp rate/Friendly Staf/Host 24/7Every day updating and delete bugsJoin CoE server

New server conquer 3d version 6609 Vps online no Lag 100 perfection system, jiangle hu, chi, come new play

5 server online come and play [Last Version][High Drop Cps per monster][Perfection System][New Epic Warrior] [FullyEpicWork][Inner Power][Free Wings]

24/7 Online Dedicated server Non-Hamachi, No Login Freeze, No Rollbacks, Version 5165 Increased Drop and Exp Rates Daily Events, Leveling Server Max lvl 137

1000X exp/ 7000X drops/ commands and all

Located Here Is Private Servers And Also TuTs(Tutorials)On How To Make Some YourSelf Come Join The Fun At UG :D

New era of Conquer Online Updating server everyday Now Public

[Trojan,Archer,Water,Worrier,Fire] [Lvl 140] [2 RB] [Drop 250 CPS with party 750 cps] [Classic Gameplay] [Veterans] [Legends] [Old School] [Old Jump] [Classic Interface] [Fun] [Events] [Quests] [Spam Upgrade For Sockets] [No Potency] [Drop 250 CPS with party 750 cps] [Old Memories] [New Concept]

Conqueronline private serverwe need coders staff spots still avalible will be a leveling server with 100x exp

An active and up-to-date American server, professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our unbelievable PVP/PVE events and the fairest game environment ever with +6000 active players daily, Guarantee the stability and the highest performance, Available for Windows and Mac OSX

[x20 Rates][Classic CO Style Gameplay packed with Custom Content and Features][Lvl 137 Max][+12 dmg-7 HP+255 Max][Tao/Arch/War/Troj/Ninja Only][No BP][No Talismans][No lotto][New HD Maps][Auto Meteor Spam][Equipment Gambler][Real Estate System][PvP Events][Friendly English Speaking Community]