Dark Age of Camelot Private Servers

RvR freeshard-- Insta 30,5x EXP, All classes up to CatacombsWorking Champion Features, RAs, Mounts and Titles Working Style Procs, Spells,Advanced Pet SystemSiege features Extremely similar to live, check it out

iPvP/iRvR/PvE/DuelingZone Pets, RAs, Fonts, Thidranki BGs, Friendly GMs, 18years combined DAoC/Server Development Experience, ALL in One 4 servers in 1

New server is now finished , ML , CL , New class in 2 realms 3rd in coming Rps x5 , Bps x 5 no lag

We offer Bugs, Speed hcks, Cheats, Macros, Guides Much More We also have 24/7/365 plat delivery with a featured merchant who has over 20,000 PayPal reputation

The most advanced RvR shardKeeps Sieging,Catacomb Classes,Champion Levels and Weapons,free level 30,5x exp,2x PvE damage,all spells and abilities,RA,Pets,CraftMain RvR zone is AgramonWe have a very balanced RvR gameplay

Midgard und Hibernia wurden von Monstern berrannt Doch nicht nur die einfallenden Horden sind das Problem, Intrigen, Geheimnisse, Spionage sind an der Tagesordnung Werde ein Teil dieser Welt

9999xp / 100drops / 24/7 long Term / Season 1 / Shops - BOKs +1+2+3+4+5 / ALL JEWELS / WINGS lvl1+11 / 5 SLOTS FOR GM OPEN / BUGLESS / NO LAG / FRIENDLY ADMINS I NEED A TEAM TO MAKE THE SERVER Better/ WE NEED GMS

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we have got super fast 10000x Dark Age of Comlet online server with loads of feature u can never imagine try it today the most interesting gameplay ever

News, Views, Pictures about the Templars of Vengeance Guild Alliance DAoC Gaheris Server

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Rewarding servers, coders, and helpers that Promote Non-Stolen Code and bettering the DOL Community

Me and my partners are building an DAoC server from scratch Come in and help us out

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A list of all DAoC freeshards running Dawn of Light server software (DOL)

grace and dignity guides and tips

Instant 50 RvR Fight vs Other Realms in Thidranki Artifacts Avg 70 people online New RA System Casting Pets Lag Fixed LISTED on DAOC PORTAL

Dedicated Server No Instants/ToA/Cata Stuff Keepclaim for bonuses (EXP, Str, Acu, ) Events Our mission: Near live server experience

Serveur Fr PvP / Duels / Matchs 3vs3 et 5vs5 avec tournois/ligues

New version combats,new item,new web and new exp,new RAM