Dekaron Private Servers

2000x ALL RATES Reborn system at 170 lvl divine noble items drops goodgood shops(130 items,wings,crit gems,argate)NO REBORN LIMIT gogogo

ACTION 6: 1200x 145 Weapons, New Mounts, 150 and 160 maps, 130+ skills, friendly Gm039s, Reborn system (25max), Solo DF Perfect for grinding Active staff, and daily events Join NOW coool dekaron

EXP x2000 drop x1000 Friendly GM, EXP events, Free coints, action6, all skill work , success rates 19 -100, max level-250, 15stats per level, wings are in shopJOIN US NOW

NEW Dekaron private server Custom maps Action 6 skills Frequent Events Friendly GM Team


2000 XP have all working mapsnew mounts 145 weaponsVery Helpful staff and GMS Come join us180 Armor+12 argates

MMO PaRaDoX Presents: Dekaron x1000 ENGLISH SERVER, Action 6 files Level 145 weapons, 24/7 Dedicated Server with WORKING SIEGE, CUSTOM ITEMS, CUSTOM PVP/INSTANCES

[Thousands of Players] [Professional Developers] [Exclusive Content] [Perfect Class Balance] [Colosseum Ranking System] [Weapon Skin System] [Farmable D-Shop/No Pay2Win] [PvP Tournaments]

ACTION 9 (English Server) exp rate: x2000 New Fantasy Maps and Siege working New Mounts (Tigers + Unicorn), New Summoner Pets, All Skills works fully Great Dedicated Staff, Events, Aloken and Aloken skills, and much more Join Us today

New Armors, New Weapons,6 Dead Front DiaryNew Wings Action 7 all Classes New Maps, Crespo Abyss, Egut, Transport Ship New Dead Front Infernus, Siege Running Item,Fortify +12, New Argate,All action 7 Skils Runningvote and receive Coins

3500x exp2500x dill2500x dropNice Items/Weapons in Shopfree DK-Coins and More

Exp 8000 Drop 100 Two Sv Exp 75 Drop 30 -All Iteme in Shop New Map ,New Monster,New Iteme, No lag Max Player 2389 Online

2000exp 1000drop ALOKEN JOIN NOW

x1000 75 TR Action 6 +Hamachi Base, max 200lwl +Have A forum

All informations are on site ---------gt

750x XP Good Dil Rate A6 skills, transup, 130 summy skills, dedicated 24/7 server with xenon processor Deadlands, 145 weps Wings, 130 gear, deadfront maps in shop Max lvl 180 Friendly community and professional, active staff Much more, check us out

1200x Exp Custom Drops L3+L4+L5 DropSIEGE DOOM DF Custom wings 102 Wings + 204 Wings Max lvl 225, Rebirth 170+ Deadlands map Break at +8 +9 only Lots more

Ultimative PvP/PK sevrer with really nice rates Exp:Over 5500xDrop:over 2500x

This is new dekaron, so is now over yet

((Coming soon))145 weapons[5,000x EXP][3,500x EXP][1,500x EXP][500x EXP]---30 stats points per LvDil drop:5mil per monster at lv 1Rebirth SystemArgate: +1+6 100 +7+9 50Bad(loking for ppl that can find link for SQL server 2000 u039l b

Wicked Dekaron The Next Level Server Rates: 2k exp Argating 95 WITH TALISMAN ITEMS GO TO +15 +20 SPECIAL EVENT WEPS ACTION 7 ADDED NEW 170 Armour amp Weps Friendly GMs 230 WEPS COMING SOON AND MANY MORE UNIQUE STUFFJOIN NOW