Forsaken World Private Servers

Nightshade Forsaken World - NEW, HOT, FREE-TO-PLAY / Dysils Wrath / PvE + PvP Realms / All Instances / Revamped Instances / World Bosses / 10x Quest EXP / 10x Monster EXP / 150,000 Leaves Daily / Active Players + Guilds / Working Bases / Growing Economy / Custom Items + More

LMS Forsaken World - Dysils Wrath 30x: PvPPvE realms, All Instance Working + Latest Content + Dont require donations + Free Mount, items, donation money drop/sell in game + Leafs for Voting and time spent online + Stable LMS Gaming Community since 2008 + Come join the fun

Dysils Wrath server, Custom items, Instances, World Bosses, Quests, NPCs Best PvP Server

Forsaken World Aria gaming, Multilingual GMs, +100 exp +100 drops, PvP/Pve, custom items,Demon class available We will have lvl 100 patch soon Jugadores latinos/Br bienvenidos

Dysils Wrath Servidor de forsaken latino para todo los usuarios de habla hispana// EXP Quest: x 5// Monster Exp: x 10// Quest SC: x 5// SF Regen: x 5// Drops: x 5// Realms: 5 + 3 instancias //riff eventos