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Base de Datos en Castellano de Guild Wars - Spanish Database about Guild Wars

Tyrias Everlasting Assembly of Melandru is an active guild of casual Guild Wars players that enjoy all aspects of the game We are Luxon at this time Proud member of The Alliance

Uno is a guild of friends, old and new We as a guild are helpful and friendly, we accept anybody into the fold regardless of age or playability We actively GVG and have many members who have completed the game Above all we like to have fun

A mall to sell trade and buy guild wars things in-game

MMOVP, A good mmorpg game virtual provider, since 2006 For WOW GuildWars Dofus Runescape2 EVE SWG SilkRold and so on 24/7, best customer service and lowest prices

Fratres Dracis Guild Wars Guild: Free GuildWars Templates for phpBB

We represent the higher stratum of a society in which social classes can be distinguished dedicated to promote peace

A Guild wars Luxon based guild that enjoys playing GvG/scrimmages and PvEing We are always on the look for new friendly, fun and helpful members

GuildWars-gold is for Guild Wars players, offering helpful Guild Wars tips, including Guild Wars gold tips, Guild Wars basis knowledge, Guild Wars guides, Guild Wars cheats and etc

Guilds Are Over Rated is a brand new community of Guild Wars players who are dedicated to having fun

casual, mature players who believe in having fun, without any of the drama normally found in other guilds

Die Deutsche Gilde: Rave: ist gegrndet wurden um den Spielspa zu erhalten und wir machen Fair Play und Sind freundlich zu anderen Spielenr

guild that respects everyone, the newbies, the poor, the one in need formed to keep all members satisfied, member complaints and ideas, are greatly valued

Site de la guilde [Wolf]Les Warlords de Guild Wars

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Guildwars Fan Site, Battlefield Series Fan Site, BF2 Servers, Teamspeak Servers and lots more

Guild in Guild wars

First best GW Online Highrate Server [5000/5000/6000]

Krips Kindred is a guild led by veteran players of the game We are currently looking to recruit mature, friendly active people with a sense of community We are a Kurzick guild but our focus is on PvE

The Official Guild Site of TKWR We are a multinational fun guild and we love to join on missions and quests and ready to go PvP We need more active members that would like to join Come see our Site and Forum

Home of Guild [AoG] Great guild and helpful members PvP/RPG oriented Check us out