Jade Dynasty Private Servers

Regenisis Patcher with Etherkin Asc No donation server We do not ask, beg, or even offer donations on this server

Create your character from 9 classes Enjoy the world and help us to kill the yahos NO DONATION FREE JADENS X 100 EXP

server is dead, this is a temporary spot, please ignore

A complete non donation server, 12 classes, weekly patches Active, friendly, helpful staff We do not demand, beg, or even ask for donations this server is completely free to play

Regenesis Patch English client Everyone is welcome to join us You can vote 4 times on day, each vote will give you 1000 Jadens You get Real Points when youre logged, to trade with NPC goods and rare itens

Constant updates, promotions and contests Round the clock support, lack of lag security upgrades in the game and parts of the project Free ShopServer Balanced, not a big difference between donors and ordinary playersChroma head +81, +20 refine headSeals at npc


Sunstrider/Inferna Expansion fully functional, all instances working, custom rewards, hundreds of custom items, no batts, high rate server, +14 cap with max chroma enabled Banana shop with special items, all 15 realms opened, very active development and staff team We listen to your feedback

Exp Rate:900x Server have many new stuff Like(Change Affinity,Change Class,Wings Support,New Mounts,New Pets,New Fashions,New Gears+Weapons Lv142+,New War System,Daily Offers,Daily Quests,Auto Events,Tiers Quests Map,Weekly Updates)Come and Play Forbidden World(Jade Dynasty Future Server)

Fantasy JD is a Low rate Jade Dynasty Server Developed by the Developers of Unlimited Gaming Network bringing you a unique Gaming experience in PvP and PvE No Pots, Vote for Jaden, x10 Rates, Donations Join us Today

Arden, Balo, Rayan, Celan, online 24/24, 8888 Jaden free, many appealing event waiting for you

Exp 999x, Free JADEON, New Weapons, Mounts,last PATCH Instant lvl, Newbie pack Quest items in shop Honor, Coin,Celebean, Mounts, Pets, Esper all in Cashop Join Us Now

Judgment Patch 12 Classes Fully Functional Including Voida Level 72 Chroma Cap Custom Instances and Automated Events Thousands of Jaden free PER DAY Custom Mounts Custom Bosses High Rates x500 Gold, x500 EXP Cooldown on Batteries Free +14 Sigils Great Community

Join us and be a gm like the rest :D 12 faction last update

[Orizon Jade Dynasty] - [New Server] - [Starter Pack with good items and boosters] - [Retail Gears-Pots] - [Largest Amount of Fashion, Pets, Mounts etc] -[Masive Open World PVP-Arena PVP-Clan Wars] - [24/7 Support] - [Join now and discover much more]

Our jade online is fastest 1000000x on earth

Good Jade Dynasty Private server

Official PvP based server, x10 xp , all content and great PvP fun for all Large marketplace , friendly staff , daily events and much much more

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200x Exp, Increased Drops, Gold, RefineryCustom Mining,maps,quests,events,party challenges,mounts,gears, and more Jaden for being online every hour, Sigils every 5 hours, attendance every 24 hours No Max refinery, +20 is possible Lvl 200 Cap, 81 Chroma Come create your own Legacy today

4FunZhuXian and Wu Xia Dynasty have joined network Legacy patch, One High rate server, One low rate server, both with Unlimited Jaden We are active and growing to serve the best to gamers We are here to play, and here we will stay

Judgement Patch 12 Classes Fully FunctionalHigh Rates x750 Money x100 Great Community Join It Today

Zhuxian Server NewWorld 24/7 no laggs - EXP: X750 - DROP: X750 - GOLD: X750 - Quest System - Alliance System - Many Customs - Full Marketplace - Many Events - JOIN NOW