Kal Online Private Servers

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500x EXP Rate New Maps Automatic PVP System Friendly GM 400+ Online Reborn system DDos Protected BoF/DDS System MORE

- Server files same as international- Max G65/70- Exp/Egg x200- 3rd Job- Pet System- Valley of Devah- Devah Dungeon- and more- Jon Now


NGKAL Updates diarios rates altos servidor BR-PT -cliente ENG xp:100x drop:75x egg :75x news itens custon updates newsplaying game kal online private server

Balanced REALMS:-Low rates-Medium rates-High ratesNo pay to win system , everything is earned by farming and crafting Join today and get a free starter pack

Better than ever Long Term, Medium Rate, 4 Classes, BattleField system, Guild vs Guild, 1vs1, Intlike F10, Pet System, Instance Dungeon, Craft System, Real DSS and BoF System, New Areas, New Monsters, New Quests, Professional Team

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9999 / 999 / 999 REAL RATES, Professional staff team, 100 BUG free, protection, 24 / 7 online, DDoS Protected, Helpful community, Real 500+ online players Join NOW

100x Exp 50x Egg Exp Custom Droprate Custom Monsters Custom Spawns Mage Areas Friendly and Experienced Team Come and Join

How to Make Kalonline server

Experience the amusement of Astro Kal We invite you to play on our server where top priority is FUN Our server includes newest Engine of 2016 and features, balanced characters, weekly updates, and a long term of enjoyable time

Heros-Online Non-Hamachi High Drop Rate Server255 level, 125 Equipment, good standard Compose Rate, God Maps, Divine Skill, Dance skills, New Divine Pets added, Free VIP lvl 3, Start Level 50 And Much more , come and join our community and enjoy

The best Kal Online server of allEXP x5000,Drop x2000 GP 5000Custom items, custom dungeons, custom creature and many more Enjoy

24/7 Online Unity V3 x60-80 Exp x100 Egg Drop : Low-Medium New Areas Max Stuff G90 New Temp Nice Community Join Us

Ultimate KalOnline PVP-Server Server Online 24/7 Start at Lvl 53 Thief Class Exp Rate 500x , Egg rate 500x New D5 added amp other new Areas New Armors amp Weapons G60 - G105 Join Us GoGoGo

Hanin like Kal Online Server SkillbooksHonor system with with Honor Weapon, Honor Ranking, Most Wanted Assassin50x exp100x egg exp Donation system:Just Donators login with much pimpscripts

Good Rates Good Areas Good Drops Opening today

Conquer Pyramid-Co Soon

New server exp: 400x 200x Drop 100x Geon MIDRATE: 60x Exp