Knight Online Private Servers

We have finally changed our server to become a MYKO PK Server That039s right go level to 80 in a matter of minutes and get your items by simply random mobs dropping them Do this all and go have fun pking our our server With good up-time and a very n

Active old style Knight Online server Farm server with lvl cap 72 International Community Players from all the world Events like BDW, Gold Zone, War, Juraid and more Join us now and have fun

OldSpice KnightOnline offers you, the best gaming experience that you will ever had, very active GMs, a forum where you can discuss about anything you want under Admins supervision We offer a no-easy server where you can meet high experienced gamers

new server same as mykoneed some ppl that can help me

This Is My Server With 9999x EXP And 100 succes rate Its too easy to lvl and you dont need to get your itemsjust with a code you have all Come And Feel The Fun

LightingKO is a new Farm/PK Server Max lvl is 70 with old MYKO style You get main eqquip in moradon Money has to be farmed so ppl can merchant Bifrost is automated and opens 3 times a day for 1 hour If you want to know more come and join our communit

Royal Knight Online Worldwide Private Server, Low rates, Balanced classes, Maxim level 83, New quests, auto system events, Forgotten temple, BDW, Active GMs, MAX Shells +8 Join now

In this site you can find private servers for almost every game Maplestory (soon to come stay tuned), Gunz, Knight online, Ragnarok, NEW - Cabal Online server (Yup, we got it using the new ILA 314e emulator)Join today and enjoy of everything we have

Updated daily Custom items, and skills ONLY here New zones, new monsters Running strong over 2 years now

Check out KIKO Running a 1510 server 99 bug free Outstanding GMS, custom monsters, and donation gear Great lvling and drops No armor/disconnect bugz Come join us at KIKO if you dare

AphroditeKo - server not lagg , valkyrie armor , master armor ,all skill fixed,capes HERE,master SKILL HERE, lvl 80weapon

fun game u got to try it out

Phoenix Knight Online - The Resurrection - RE-OPENING VERY SOON

Quite Network 7/24 deciated sunucu herkezi bekleriz

Target audience of Titan KO, is the old school :) and those of the new school that appreciate well balanced, organized PvP Welcome to a server where technique is all that matters

Private Server Development Forum Professional Developers All Sorts Of Files And Fixs Come Join The Team Now

Forgotten Forntieer Events - WorkingForgotten Forntieer CZ - WorkingLimited USKO zones - WorkingAll USKO skills - WorkingAll monsters - WorkingAnti - DupeCustom built KO panel with Anti SQL InjectionMany more features that will have y

Knight Online Euko is a nice PK Server, New Weapons, New Maps and New Armors here 300+ Online Users every day growing community and professional developers Join now

Tired of all the come amp go, leeching development communities Say no more KO Developers has had loads of its own unique releases, such as the public real-time Dupe scanner, merchant, trade amp compound bug patches and more Join us now

Active old school MYKO server, old times were the best times, come and join the true KO with max level 70, adjusted exp and quest system, Regular Lunar wars, Daily BDW, FT and DM events, Holiday events, Stay online and earn KC, Licensed SOAC shield, PUS Friendly community, great PK Join us

Knightonline1 is the world longest online private knight server, We ve never reset database since march 2011

Saphire Network/Dedicated/ Dual Core 6600 Ram 2048/fiber optic cable/Bifrost /Casttle Siege War/Forgettin Temple /Usko amp304tems/ 80-1/