Last Chaos Private Servers

Custom Content: exclusive maps, affinities, monsters, pets, costumes - High Rates - 100 Jewel success - Balanced PvP - Active Staff - Daily Events - Daily Buffs - Double Event all weekends - Token Exchange System - Loyal Donator Rewards - Starter Pack - And more

Last Chaos episode 2[Level Cap: 200EXP: x100 Drop: x25 SP: x30, w/ free skills Gold: Custom P1/P2 Pet Exp: Custom Custom Seals In Game Customes NPC Jewels NPCCash NPC Friendly Staff members]

New server open beta Max level: 190 Pets 1-2 max level: 165 No elements system Weekly Cash Quests Exp: x15 Pet Exp: x5 Sp: x20 [Free skills] Premium Character buffs and auto skills More interesting things Come Join Us and Get Fun

New server Unicorn LcCustom rates, lvl cap 250, max eqip +25, extrem juno/ extrem merac, pvp token system, auto buff system and more JOIN US

Welcome to all,I present you a server recently opened, It is a server type OldSchool with Rates x1, the level is blocked at 80 for the moment like the old Nothing prevents you from downloading it to come for a rideThe guild FrenchTeam will be delighted to welcome you on those good game

LastChaos Turkiye ozellestirilmis essiz en populer fantastik oyundur

Free for all server, open to all, 99k cash to new and existing accounts instantly, no donations needed for anything at all

Were back with our new ep3 server, with improved game play, Our rates are : EXP: Custom, SP x100[Skills are free], Affinity: x10, 20 cash per 10 minutes and much more Come and try Galaxy, Made for Players by Players

We are stable server, 14 months online and we wil not close Fun Episode 4 server New BuffSystem Nice costumized adds and more to come Active Staff dailie events We listen to suggestion,ideas players Come make it grow with us and be a part of this Fun Community

Rates : Custom ,new pvp system,npc buffs, pvp matchmaking , new maps , online cash , merchant item , lvl up fast in 1 hour , come discover the gamewe are waiting for you

Balanced REALMS:-Low rates-Medium rates-High ratesNo pay to win system , everything is earned by farming and crafting Join today and get a free starter pack

We have got the super fast 10000x Last Chaos server with no down High Speed Rate come enjoy now

Max Level: 200Reborn System: NO Experience Rate: CUSTOM FUNS kill Point Rate: x999 Gold Drop Rate: x40 Max Plus On Drop on dungeon: plus 15Item Drop Rate: x60 Max Upgrade Hs Rune: plus 18 Max Upgrade Master Stone: plus 28Online time for cash: 5 MINUTE 5 POINTSCustom QuestCustom Title

Avenger-LC is a new EP3 Server Custom AccesorysCustom P2 PetsCustom jewlesCustom World BossCustom NPC in game Cash NPCCustom Buff NPC Free Online time cash 4 per 10 minutes Online and Many Many more things to come

Hey welcome to the new Generation Imperium is there come join us and have fun

Fun server stat - PK Mode: Online PVP Max Level: 185 Reborn System: Active Max Reborn: 3 Experience Rate: x110 Skill Point Rate: x999 Gold Drop Rate: x60 Max Plus On Drop: +15 Item Drop Rate: x60 Max Upgrade Hs/Rune: +18 Max Upgrade Platinum refine stone: +28 nice staff come

Level Cap : 165 Exp : x30 Fp : x50 Drop : x50Affinity : x4 Gold : x10

Beta Server and Best Development

Strawberry LastChaos is our first public project, we got the idea to create Strawberry after the most playable Servers was taken offline like Ancient, 300 and some moreOur dream is to create a Server which is playable for the most percent of this little Community

9999 / 999 / 999 REAL RATES, Professional staff team, 100 BUG free, protection, 24 / 7 online, DDoS Protected, Helpful community, Real 500+ online players Join NOW

Free Cash, Free Game, Perfect Private Server Last Chaos POLISH SERVER

Exp x200SP x0 All skills are freeGold x20Drop rate x50Upgrade 99Pet Exp x200Start level 100 with EquipmentCap level 250

Exp x10FP x10Gold x5Drop x6Cap :165777 Feeling