Legend of Mir Private Servers

Legend oF MiR 3 Tenseiga ,Good rates, EXP:x64-128,Drop:x2,Gold:x2,MonGen:x1 Diary Event, 0 lag have 100MB of internet Go to play and Fun

Xenos Legend of Mir 3 server is a fun low rate server EXP x4, Gold x2, Drop rate x2 and Monster Gen x1 8 rebirths fully working, GameShop, second ingame currency and nice friendly GameMasters


Spanish server, with npcs in english-spanish // Mid-rates server // Friendly comunity // A lot of new caves, leveling zones, bosses, semi-bosses, mobs, items and ranks // Totally new rebirth system


Servidor Hispano Experiencia x2 , Oro x1 , Drop x1 Zona inicial para noob039s ++30Quest nuevas y novedosas Formaci

Low/Medium Rate Server will a massive World to explore, Plenty of Quests, New Spells and AIs to keep you Entertained

Oblivion Mir 23,exp 13x, 24/12 , updated every week , Admins :DanutzTM ,AndreasdThe server will be released in aproximative 1 WEEK because we still test itJOIN US amp HAVE FUNDont forget to register on our forumThanx

DarkSide 3G with JOB maps, exp x3, gold x1, items x1, MonSpawn x1Unique items and boss drop files, New maps and mobs Advanced pet-rental system, FP system, Rebirths on 60+ lvl,Very strong and challengable bosses Many events Of course there are a lo

EXP Is medium rate friendly community, only a slight bit of pking only in rivalrys - also 3 other servers to choose from on website

NEW UPDATE, 9999x Rates, DDoS Protected, 99 Uptime, Fun and DEDICATED staff team, Vote for Cash, Real CASH prizes, Daily events, Big player base, 3 years + online Join Us Now

exp: 50 drop :50 is the new server and long term try itif you want stay if not u can go

Mir laybrinth 19 a dedicated mir server with no lag and its complete free lots of pvping and loads of boss039s 2 kill

Total mir 19 is a new 19 mir server 35x exp rates and med drop rates loads of new features

Legend of mir 3 Darkness Server , un juego basado en una epoca fantastico-medieval , Exp x128Nuevos mapas , Nuevos bosses , Exp x128 - Mongen x1 - Respwan x1 - Drop x1 , servidor 100 espa

Server details:Exp Rate: x128Gold Rate: x4Mob Rate: x2Item Rate: x5Starting level: level 1Language: EnglishServer Version: 3G (PtW - Euro)Starting Gold: 0Dedicated Server specs:Processor: 280ghz Intel Pentium 4Ram: 2GB

Legend Of Mir 3 - Imperium Server Spanish / English , EXP RATE x8, Nuevos sistemas de bosses, scrolls de infecciones, guardianes de bosses, mas de 30 bosses, muchos eventos todo lo nuevo que nunca vistes

New Skill New map New Hero New Vapeons xp is good go on the srv

InviteSerw - Gate Of Heavenexp x128Page: - Polsko/English

Free to play, been running since 2002 and will keep running forever Choose from three classes, Warrior, Wizard, or Taoist Start at lvl 54 Cool weapons, armors Lord Of The Rings maps Able to RebornCool Video at

Wersion 424 (KING)exp x4gold x1 mob x1

We most of the time so are always there to give support and advise

Mir Chronicles submerges you into ancient china as a highly trained elite warrior to aid in the continuous battle against an evil plague that has swept the land for the last 50 yearsAlong your travels you will meet new people, make friends, form guilds and collect a range of skills and items

Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed is the best MMORPG Multiplayer Online with a lot of players online and custom new systems This community have more than 10 years online offering our services with the best form possible Try it now and join our big community