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Servidor Brasileiro sem bugs Conta com Servidores MultiProcessados e link de 100mb - NO LAG -

Todos los Rates a 30 Menos Los de adena a 50 Mayor mente abla hispana Wenos eventos y sieges

Lineage 2 Alkon , C1 ( Prox C3 ) Gms Responsables Coneccion de alta velocidad , Servidor Dedicado Rates , x1x1x1x1 Excelente Comunidad

Free Lineage 2 C3 Server, Castle Sieges Working, Weapon Glows Working, Striders/Wyverns Working, Macros Working, New Areas Working, C2/C3 skills and much more JOIN NOW

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XP/SP/DROP rates : 15x/15x/15x/15x The best private network Providing WoW, MuOnline, CS, Lineage 2 private servers Thousands of people, friendly community No cheaters Forum:

Linea Vista est un projet qui peut se concrtiser grce vous Linea Vista compte bien proposer aux passionnes de Lineage une qualit et ambiance de jeu gales et mme suprieures ce quils ont pu connatre

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Elektra L2 is Currently running Lineage 2 Chronicle 4 Totally Free and Available 24/7 Rates are EXP-15X SP-20X ADENA-20X DROPS-20X AND AUTOLOOT

Lineage2 Chronicle 3 We hope to see you on our server in future

This is Greek C3 Server , Game Server has been update in New Machine with Xeon 300Ghz-2GB ram -2x 80 hard disk and 10Mbps internet connection have Fun

lineage2 server full Retail C4

The most popular free Lineage II server with 1500+ players online Configuration is the same as on the official server

Good stable server with 3x3x3x5x5x rates, and fully supports the L2J development

Good Server rideable striders/wyverns sieges no lagg good rates friendly gms rates are 3000/3000/50000/50000/3000

New C3 server New IPvisit forums 1000x rates see site for connection info

Lineage2 Chronicle 3 Free Server - Rates : exp:100 - sp:150 - adena:100 - drop:10 - spoil:5 RUS

Interlude x45 no customs no tattoss Major Robe bonus casting speed and more

Chronicle: Lineage 2 Gracia FinalEXP/SP: 20x / Party EXP/SP: 2x / Drop: 10x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x / Seed of Destruction / TvT Event / Hide Seek Event / Retail Olympiad / 2 Weeks Sieges / PvP Zones

We are american Lineage 2 adena store serving north america We offer competitive prices and live support We offer many other services so come check us out

Private L2 server using the official C1 software Running on a Dual 32ghz Xeon w/2gb ram 100Mbps Rates: [5/5/6/4/4]

Opening Soon Come join a world which is at the brink of entering a dark era, and help destroy the evilor join it (Custom NPCs, Custom Maps, Custom Skills and a lot more)