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Free Lineage 2 C3 Server, Castle Sieges Working, Weapon Glows Working, Striders/Wyverns Working, Macros Working, New Areas Working, C2/C3 skills and much more JOIN NOW

Servidor Brasileiro sem bugs Conta com Servidores MultiProcessados e link de 100mb - NO LAG -

Super Cheap Lineage 2 adena, you find it ANYWERE CHEAPER we WILL beat it

Good stable server with 3x3x3x5x5x rates, and fully supports the L2J development

Full C3, German English, friendly active helpful Gms, stable Server, Pets Quest Skills are working, exp:12x sp: 13 adena: 16 drop: 12

this server has been temporarly suspended more info soon

Todos los Rates a 30 Menos Los de adena a 50 Mayor mente abla hispana Wenos eventos y sieges

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Lineage 2 Alkon , C1 ( Prox C3 ) Gms Responsables Coneccion de alta velocidad , Servidor Dedicado Rates , x1x1x1x1 Excelente Comunidad

We are american Lineage 2 adena store serving north america We offer competitive prices and live support We offer many other services so come check us out

Lineage 2 C3 serveris dirbantis 24/7 300xp 300sp 300aden 10drop 10spoil

CLOSED Lineage 2 C3 server rates 2500-exp/5000-sp/10000-adena

Serveur C3 RP 100 Francais, avec rates x4 x7 x1 0x8 Castle, Heine implant, luxury et quete

Serveur low rates C4 X-Ray, une communaute franco-canadienne en pleine expension avec des clans prets a vous acceuillir Une equipe de GMs et animateurs complete pour le bon deroulement du jeu Rates : 3/3/3/3/5 7signs, RBs, Subclass et 3eme Classe

Good Server rideable striders/wyverns sieges no lagg good rates friendly gms rates are 3000/3000/50000/50000/3000

Rate : 1/2/1/2 Un serveur C3 avec prise de chteau implmenter, Quetes implementer traduite en fr ,Skill Implementera 90 , WH, 4 Clan officiel guerre de clan ect bref tres complet

Site dun serveur lineage 2 gratuit Notre bute : Faire des mis a jour pour ajouter la version full

Rates: 20x Friendly GMs C3 Stable 21Ghz, 15gig Ram, 3Mbit Pipe

Interlude x45 no customs no tattoss Major Robe bonus casting speed and more

New C3 server New IPvisit forums 1000x rates see site for connection info

A Gaming Community for PvP Mmorpg Games

Lineage2 Chronicle 3 We hope to see you on our server in future

This is Greek C3 Server , Game Server has been update in New Machine with Xeon 300Ghz-2GB ram -2x 80 hard disk and 10Mbps internet connection have Fun