MapleStory Private Servers

ForeverMS - Open Beta Free NX, Custom NPC039s come check us out

HourlyMapleStory is a New Server which will be released when teh first emulator is released Currenlt, We are looking for Beta Testers and GMs Come Join Us today to be part of it when emulator is released Join the Forums now

MaplePro is a MapleStory Private Server soon to BETA lunch the server Rates are : EXP Rate : 40x, Drop Rate 20, Money Rate : 5x (In Events and Hollydays will be, EXP Rate : 60x, Drop Rate : 40, Money Rate 10x, BETA Lunch is an Event too)

Rates:100/100/100 Still in beta Join now

Post and pre big bang Challenging but fair low rates Windows, MAC and Linux Friendly, experienced and active staff Available 24/7 Custom HP/MP system All party quests, all bosses, all jobs and skills, all quests Full friendship, engagement and marriage Professional anti-cheat system

Is there somthing you just hate about maplestory Well if so im sure you wont mind trying out maplestory plus considering it will be Lag free, High exp rate, High drop rate, Active GMs, Great Community and More

Only russian speaking forum(Not mapleStory server) With Information about everything and YOU can talk about anything (only russian)

A cool MapleStory private server/fan site Friendly and growing community, server will launch once cVista releases Discuss about the latest ups and downs of MS, private servers, and cVista We do not crap about developing our own emulator )

The server is Up and Running--MapleSwordEx--20x exp and 95 drop---come enjoy usserver 24/7

GERMAN PRIVATE SERVER exp 20, drop 15only german ppl

iMaple server ,Emulator almost finished come and join us now and enjoy this comunity

Cheats forums topics and others plus were giving away a wii for the 1000th voter all at MSpalace

Best Place To have fun, easy nice exp

RELEASED Join now before its too late to register and the server gets full TWO servers: 40x/45x/50x and 100x/110x/120x Stable, lag-free, 24/7 support, uber-connection, nice GMs, 100 the whole package

Le forum francophone de MapleStory

Great community and searching for a programmerRates are High-75 75 75 Low-30 30 30

We are a brand new MS server based on having a fun time the rates are still being decided and the server will be up VERY soon NO HAMACHI NEEDED

Weve made an working emulator, in silence but now well do the combackRates are 10x/10x/10xNo Custom Maps No 4th Job

First real Bleach Private server // Custom Bleach Items // Customizable Zanpaktou Feature // Based on Japanese Emulator // Release Date: June // Screenshots Previews in forum //

x25 Experience Rate - x15 Drop Rate - Jipang Maps in English - Has Anego - Very helpful staff - Has Forums - Coming out on November 25th, 2006 REAL PRIVATE SERVER