Metin2 Private Servers

Metin2Place servere tutoriale resurse ghiduri

Monster-EnergyMT2 Server Extraordinar , PvM , P-urile la magazin , nu sunt ITEME MODATE si ITEME DE 65 si OTELE la shopuri SHOPURILE sunt Classice

Metin3 Servidor Privado Exp:300x, Drop:200x, Gold:400x, Lvl Max:250, 7 Skills todos los personajes Nuevas Clases Nuevas Razas Nuevos sets de items y mucho mas GRATIS

Server PVP-PVM Clasic, Level Maxim: 105, Mape noi pentru crescut, Arme si armuri legendare implementate

Server creat de [OwN]ArgonAcest server este pvm/pvp staff detreaba Rate hamachi:Metin2Styller1 pana la 10Pass:1

Server pvm-4fun , level maxim 150, items max +25New maps,new armour and new weaponsPet system,costume system and power mount

Server 4FunRate 700Level maxim 250

Server Classic Dedicat PVM-PVP Level Max: 99 Rates: 300x 300x 300x Online Server: 24 24

PvM , Fara modati , batalii si otele la shop

Novo Metin2 Sem Hamachi

The BEST Old School French dedicated server Max lvl 110, Instance FR New, Energy System, Dragon Soul System, Costume System, and five times higher than rates in the official A staff attentive and very now Welcome to The Academy

Metin2 AllStars is a PvM-PvP private server founded on 22 January 2012 We are proud to be the best and the biggest private server of Metin2 in ROMANIA We have a large team who works all day long to help players Also we organize weekly and seasonal Events

Un Server PvM PvP easy clasic cu level maxim 127 Bonusurile intra destul de usor Gm destul de prietenosi care stau on 24 24 Daca e sa cauti un server de metin unde sa nu fie MODATI atunci UnicMt2 este alegerea perfecta Intra si nu vei regreta

Cel mai frumos Server PvQ din romania armuri noi , arme noi, lvl max 115 , bani se fac usor, lingouri din cufere clar de luna, costume din cufere incepator

Noul server Metinn2NeuRevolutions Serverul are Gm prietenosi event zilnic, este online 24/24Serverul este PvP/PvM

BarrierMetin2 is a hamachi private server metin2The rates of Server is 500 EXP, yang and dropYou will find many new items,new missions,new mounts and new mapsThe maximum level of the server is 250The English translation is complete in all areas

The webs largest collection of Metin2 Our searchable A-Z Metin2 link web directory listings are the most complete on the Internet, so get yours, and/or get listed today

Rate 1000 iteme 2013 full le gasesti la shop nu puteti DONA DEOARECE ARMELE MOD CADE 1 singura data pe saptamana LA DRAGON lv start 80 magi 2013 merita incercat server 7/24

Cel mai corect server PVM HARD din Romania, deschis in 24 iunie 2014 Nivel maxim: 105 Puncte status: 95 Bonusuri ca pe oficial Nu exista si nici nu vor exista modati Nu exista bonusuri 6/7

The Kingdoms of Chunjo Jinno and Shinsoo are gone Say welcome to the Dinasties Of course you will still find here our most beloved content such as the Meley Dungeon, Earth Dragon, and our unique Pet system

Metin2Go the best private server metin2 lvl 127 new armors and weapons come and play Metin2go metin2go

HIGH RATE Server - EXP:1000x Drop:1000x Yang:1000x - Max LV 250 - 24/7 Online - Friendly GMS - NO LAGGING - No using hamachi - Great Staff - No Donation - JOIN NOW

Metin2Privat Chaos3,Server PvP PvM,Rate EXP 150/200,Rata drop Yang si Obiecte:200,Max lvl 99,Bio implementat,evenimente foarte des,FARA LAG SI BUGURI,Server hostat 24h/7,Va asteptam pe server Chaos3