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World of terra minecraft

50 person creative server No Lag, No Downtime, No excusesExcuses Let039s keep that going - More information Request builder access on our forums

RP Towns Factions FreeCool plugins GREAT people

Qrid :: SMP Minecraft Server :: Powerful Dedicated Linux Server :: 8GB RAM :: Friendly Community :: Professional Staff :: Also Recruiting

Free PVP No lag 24/7 Friendly Community Soon to have Anti-Grief system Join us: 725133136:29765 Website:

ip: minefailno-ipa good minecraft server with friendly admins, build your houses and company039s while surviving join today looking staffupdating to Bukkit upon releasethanks

MineCraft v1_4 Ru Private Server - no lag - 24 /7 up - friendly community Limited register slots

Lebe das MittelalterLenke das Schicksal deines Characters durch die Rollenspielwelt CastlecraftGlaube an einen der 6 G

24/7 Online,No Whitelist,Protection mit Log sowie Register System, Griefer haben keine Chance,Shop-System(Eco) Job System,Quest SystemKommt doch mal zockenServer Hardware: 8x2,66ghz 12GB Ram 1Gbit 3TB IP: minority-gamingeu

PVP/Guild Wars server for Minecraft IP:7420157242:25565Whole point of server is to explore and fight against other factions Only real rule is respect other players and don039t cheat

Towny PluginNo GriefingGerman Server24/7 OnlineQuestsShopand much more

MinecraftTunnel is a 24/7, professionally hosted survival and vanilla server We keep our server clean of griefers and spammers to make your gameplay as good as possible We have no lag at all, so you don039t have to worry about that pesky block lag

Welcome to quotCraftlandquot a small server where everyone is welcome Join us today

Minecraft new server - high rates - no lag - free of charge - 24 /7 up - friendly community Limited register slots Apply now

Best place to find and share Minecraft Skins

3 new servers visit fourm for news its hamachi gonna make it non hamachi later and its non-premium and premium server gonna add more commands to different RANKS LATER visit Minecraftservers2 or miecraftmcoj

Free to join, free to play, free to build, offline mode always, join us any time IP is 2413145140

30000+ Members - 24/7 - Dedicated - 1000 Slots - SMP - PVP - Events - Multiple worlds - Market and Economy - Grief free - Huge world - Region protection - Nice community - Custom plugins - Always upgrading - Active website and forum - Mature staff - Powerful hardware - and much more

New MineCraft Server Runescape World RPG World Ip minepwnlineno-ipGriefers protection 100 with npcs, shops, active GMs Quests coming soon login system private protection lots player commands surivival world And Runscape WorldRanks are Given soon

A whitelist enabled server using the plane + gun mod There are multiple clans in the server that you can joinIP can be found on our forums

Gaming Community Sponsored Minecraft Server Dedicated, 24/7, Whitelist, Bukkit, Our coding teamServer: mcfallensungamingGo to our forums to sign up for the whitelist