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Free PVP No lag 24/7 Friendly Community Soon to have Anti-Grief system Join us: 725133136:29765 Website:

Welcome to quotCraftlandquot a small server where everyone is welcome Join us today

MinecraftTunnel is a 24/7, professionally hosted survival and vanilla server We keep our server clean of griefers and spammers to make your gameplay as good as possible We have no lag at all, so you don039t have to worry about that pesky block lag

A whitelist enabled server using the plane + gun mod There are multiple clans in the server that you can joinIP can be found on our forums

[Dedicated] [No Lag] [24/7] [24 Slots] [Great Staff] [99 Grief-Proof] [Great 40 Plugins] [Survival] IP: 5928115:25566 JOIN US

Free to join, free to play, free to build, offline mode always, join us any time IP is 2413145140

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Gaming Community Sponsored Minecraft Server Dedicated, 24/7, Whitelist, Bukkit, Our coding teamServer: mcfallensungamingGo to our forums to sign up for the whitelist

50 person creative server No Lag, No Downtime, No excusesExcuses Let039s keep that going - More information Request builder access on our forums

MINECOIN is PvP faction server with custom built world We are professional managed and administrated where admins DO NOT spawn items and not bias to any players We are a server driven by what the community wants and how they expect things to be

World of terra minecraft

Lebe das MittelalterLenke das Schicksal deines Characters durch die Rollenspielwelt CastlecraftGlaube an einen der 6 G

We are an economy based Survival Mode Server We pride ourselves on having a fun and friendly community with little griefing problemsWe do require membership to build, however anyone may connect and check out the map

Maximum MineCraftMonCraft UnlimitedBeta ServerServerlistBlogHelpMINECRAFT SHOP

Join the Minecraft Vikings SMP server Online 24/7, anti griefing, friendly admins,lots of events, daily backups, chestlock, npc, LOTS of awesome stuff and mods new and fast expanding world, NO LAG, Ranks Awesome communityJOIN US TODAY YOU WON039T REGRET

24/7 Online,No Whitelist,Protection mit Log sowie Register System, Griefer haben keine Chance,Shop-System(Eco) Job System,Quest SystemKommt doch mal zockenServer Hardware: 8x2,66ghz 12GB Ram 1Gbit 3TB IP: minority-gamingeu

RP Towns Factions FreeCool plugins GREAT people

Hosted on a new i7 950 server with 8gig ram and 100megabit connection in Europe Ramdisk hosted world with automatic backups, for minimal lagFree-build on a strong server with nice Admins, blocks is gathered fair and square even for operatorsPlay yourself or with friends the choice is yours

True survival, without the grief MinecraftOnline is a popular and well-respected survival server Our friendly community is our strongest asset With over 20,000 unique players, our popularity speaks for itself

iCraftSMP is an amazing way to experience survivalChestLocking- Magic carpet- TownsNationsVisit icraftsmpwebs for more info

Player Limit: 100 PlayersVIP is a status on the server that enables extra features- Protect Chests so only you can access them- Set your home so that you can teleport back there quickly- Protected town plotsVIP Status is 100 Free by registering on:

PVP/Guild Wars server for Minecraft IP:7420157242:25565Whole point of server is to explore and fight against other factions Only real rule is respect other players and don039t cheat

Best Minecraft Server Ever (Alpha) join Nowhttp://

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