Mu Online Private Servers

[Season 6 EP13][100x][Balanced PvP][Free Exc Items][Top Items From Game][Many Custooms][Super Stable 24/07][Quest Sytem][Marry System][Never Account Wipe 2008][32 MaX stats][Amazing drop][GM Quests][New Maps][New Items,Mobs]

[VOTE FOR ITEMS][Version:97+][Exp: 150][Drop: 75][Bless Bug: off][Zen Drop: Little][Mana Shield: 50][NO DONATE][NO PLAYING GMs][NO FO ITEMS]

No Reset Exp: 500x Drop: 30 Chaos Machine Rate: 60 Good Antihack Long Term Service Cheap Donation Located at US Vote Reward Active Come and play with us

Max50RR Med + New NonReset Edition, Dynamic Low Exp, Proven Long-Term, Real Play2Win, Season 6 Custom, No Web-Shop/Cash-Shop, No OFF-Attack/OFF-Store, Innovative Gameplay, Max 2 Acc/HWID, Hard Economy System, Professional Support, Big Community, Actions speak for us not words [Make MU Great Again]

Are you ready for the mobile version of MU Online - Enjoy gaming at its best - We are proud to give you a stable private server for Mu Origin / Mu Mobile with FUN Rates, UNLIMITED diamonds and MORE - Join our community Today - Click the banner for more details

Mu Legend - MAX LEVEL 1000 - NO WEBSHOP - NON Reset Server - Season 14 ep1 - Exp 50X - Drop 40 - 5000+ players - 4th Class Evolution - offattack command - offstore 1 or 2 - Events Working - STARTER PACK FOR BEGINNERS - NO BUGS - NO IGCN Server Files

The Best Comunity ever for MMORPG nice Admins and the server is in development so if you contribute you can become a member of THE CoLoNy Staff REGISTER NOWMuOnline Dynamic Exp No Webshop 5000x Exc Items High Drops

Faronnia MU is back, promising the ultimate old-school classic MU Online experience Server is powered by a private build MU Emulator, we have new content and modifications never seen before Join us today, faronnian Best new 2018 private server

Webshop No Version Season6 E3 Exp 100x drop 35 Max Stats 65k spots 5 Mobs-hots 6 Buffers Npc 3 Resets Full Items No Vip On comando /offstore Si Auto party /re auto

MEDIUM - 1000x / GRAND OPENING MEDIUM SERVER 12 MAY time 5PM / SEASON 13 part 1 / GROW LANCER / 32K Stats /NO Lagg /Vote Rewards / Webshop / Grand Resets system / Custom Xshop System / VIP System / new items / new events / Market system / Lottery system / Auction and more


2 Servers , Server 1 Drops: 80x Exp: 250x / Server 2 Drops: 80x Exp: 500x / Yeti mobs on server 1 , Bless Bug ON , 97-99B+ items , level reset 350+ ,BC and DS on

DragonMu - Meet the Dragon / Season 6EP3 Exp: 600x Drop: 30 Balanced PVP 32K Stats NO Lagg Vote Reward System Exchange hours online for credits Vip System Webshop XShop GR Bonus System Lotteries Daily Exp Events Everyday Events with GMs Achievements

[New Server Open June 15th][Season 13][Unique Dynamic Exp System][Custom Events and Features][No FO Items][Fair GamePlay][100k Max Stats][Balanced PvP, PvM and Market][New Items][New Wings][Advanced Anti-Cheat][Unique Vote Reward][Long Term Play][1gbs No Lag][Fastest Support] JOIN US NOW

Winged Mu Online, Fully Configured Season 9, No Webshop x20, x250, x1500, Freebies for Newbies, Stable Gameplay, Fast Support, Forum Contests, No FO Items, Balanced Characters, Web Market, Vip System, Castle Siege Every 3 Days, Free Credits on Resets, Raffle, Top Voter, Referral, more [JOIN TODAY]

SimpleMU Season 6 Episode 3 Exp: 1000x, Real 4lvl Wings, New Jewels of Luck, Excellent, Ancient, Custom Events, Refferals, Grand Resets, Vote Reward Grand Opening 8 September, New Players Get Extra Exp

Zeal Mu Season10 Ep3 Exp X9999 Ml x9999 Easy All Drop Execelent 3op, Great Boss drops Fo Items, New MUUN pets, No Webshop, Freebies for Newbies, PVP Balance 101 Join Us

DeviL Mu Easy, DDoS Protection, Antihack System, Version: 99b+, Experience: 9999x , Drop: 100, very nice events, quality GM and Admin work

SEASON 12ep2 FULL / Exp 9999999999999 / DROP MAXXXXX/Free Credits for ALL/ FO SET WHEN JOIN / WINGS 1,2,3,4 and ALL JEWELS IN SHOPS / IN SHOP FO ITEMS / Free Ruud / Best Muuns from all events / Ancient+FO Items Socket up to level 10, Best PVP server - Come and try

ZhyperMU is Undisputed Best MU Server for more than a Decade 3 Worlds Choose High Exp Zhyper Instant PVP Medium Rate Valhalla Classic Season 2 Low Rate 1 Client Account Works for All Servers Biggest Castle Siege You will Ever See Trade Personal Store Log Auth Pin Code Live Tournaments

[Season 6E3][24/7 server][Fair GamePlay][32k Max Stats Build Based][Balanced PvP PvM][CS Everyday][New Sets Wings][Advanced Anti-Cheat][Resets Vote Rewards][Long Term Server][No Lag][Instant Online Support] PLAY WITH US NOW [MuWar was opened in 2007]

Servidor easy exp 9999, ranking super, tops diario/semanal/mensal, sistema de quest e missoes pelo site, sistema de patentes exclusivo, Shopping INGAME COMPLETO

Exp:x99Drop:30Max Lvl:1000Max Players:350Bless in StoreBB:OFFNEW MAPSKalimaCCDare DevilCrystal QuestA Place Of ExileVERSION 97d+10

come to web and see

[THE BEST Mu Online Season 12] [x30 and x500 Dynamic] [Play to Win] [No Web Shop] [Antihack] [3D Camera] [Economy Values are Wcoins, Jewels, Zen, RUUD] [Buy, Sell items in Market] [Great Configured] [No Maximum Stats] [Monsters Power Adjusted, Spots on Minimap] [Autoparty, Off store, Off leveling]