Pirate King Online Private Servers

Apenas o Perfect World bem mais faxil que o da lug e bem mais atualizado: ja tem os tideborn

18 x Solo-Exp20 x Party-Exp10 x Drop-Rate40 x Fairy-Growth80 x Ship-Exp

A Pirate King Online/Tales of Pirate [PKO,TOP] non-hamachi private server Free to play [F2P], join us and be a happy pirate 24/7 open for public Visit us at soaonlineno-ipbiz

SERVER ON 24/7 Join Us Rates: SoloX8 PtX20 DropX3 FairyGrowX200 ShipX1New Appareals Maps Quests EventsWe are waiting for you :D

New Server latino pirata fun la redes hamachi son PiratesFun2 PiratesFun3 etc para todos la pass 123 new server latino gm amigables tenemos centro de donaciones etc

24/7 based TOP v20 server15 x Solo-EXP,20 x Party-Exp,15 x Drop-,Rate50 x Growth-RateNo lagg ,great amount of bosses,unique items,great events with unique prizes,great staff members,unseal 85-95,unseal rings,lots of pvp maps and costum areas,rebirth,kal exchanger and much moreazrael gems

New Server 2014 OverPowered Server Came from the creators of MaPko, Fairy Tail Pirates, Dope Pko, G-Pko, and RbZoneAll BalancedAll NewAll New ClassesNew AdventureNew PK

NEW SERVER - Mid rates, easy to make money, friendly GM and community - many custom NPC, apparells and quests - Hamachi for now, soon non- - 24/7, no Item Mall - max lvl 150 (train at winter / aurora / dark mobs) - join Hamachi TopKiller1-10 pass 123456

Dedicated Server Maintenance everyday for 8hrs 150EXP//200PARTY EXP//DropRate:2000//Active Staff

Server: Exp 7x, TeamExp 10x, Drop 5x, Growth 250x Server is CooLNon-Hamachi

Nuevo server 24/7, non hamachi, rates solox20, partyx25,Fairyx500,Dropx10Server como la vieja escuela, FC y DS abiertos, max lvl 100, max pet lvl 51, New textures,glows, etc Mas informacion entra en nuestra web Ya

New Server:Non-hamachi, 24/7 solo:8xparty:10xfairy:200xdrop:10xForum : :

[Exp 300x][Party Exp 350x][Drop 65x][24/7 Dedicated server - No lag][Custom Gameplay - Custom Mazes][All Mazes Working perfectly][Custom npcs - Reputation System][Chaos argent working Perfectly]

Servidor privado de Tales of Pirates

ARE YOU BORED Join Our Non Hamachi Server Professional Dev Team Huge Community Server Rate is 30 Exp 50 Team Exp 1020 Pet Exp 30 Drop Rate Features include Reborn System, Evolution Skills, and MANY NEW PK MAPS such as Chaos Icicle, Massive Wipeout, V

45x solo exp90x party exp30x drop rate1000x pet expNew map(Omni City)Chaos icicle, argent, and omniEasy leveling and Easy to get gems and equipsCombining and Forge rates are balanced for your PK needs

New 2018 server, exclusive systems like deploying bombs, Lv 65 PK, Being a pokemon master, Ranking of the top players in each map PK, NPC showing Statos of Boss, New quests, New Maps, New Apareals,Vote System, Referral System and much more All this only in ToPirata-GO Enjoy us

Non-hamachi / Hosted on a dedicated Box (dedicated host) / of course 24/7 / new maps / new monsters / new items / etc a lot of new things and adventures waiting you

Server Online 24/7 Server Rates : 25 x Solo-Exp 15 mins for lv150 35 x Party-Exp 10 x Drop-Rate 650 x Fairy-Growth 1 x Ship-Exp

Hamachi:MysticPKO1-3 pass:123456Server online time:Everyday from 8am somethings to 11pm somethings(GMT+8) 30 x Solo-Exp40 x Party-Exp15 x Drop-Rate7000 x Fairy-GrowthCA every 2hrDW/FC/DS every 3hrNpc guide at Forum

PKO/TOP Private server 3x 5x 6x Helpful Events and GMs,Triple exp event 3x-gt27x,apparel shop,Maze Drops good ALL YOU NEED BE THE FIRST win Death Set FREE

hamachi server working 24/7

Tales Of Pirates Private Server Now started awesome rates friendly staff