PristonTale Private Servers

Start level 100, Level cap 250 Very Fast Exp, Sod And BC work 100 Balanced skills Xtrap Custom mix table Age +26 New Maps for TRAIN and HUNT items up to 180, 17 new MAPS, Craft Shop Events every day and EXP event sunday after BC Join Us

New Server From priston Taleexperience 250x, server on 24/7,no lag,no Bug 120+, Start level 80 With Quest ready, server up+PvPAll this and much more come check )

Server com 8 Novos mapas e Todos os item premium do KPT quotPhoenix Pet, Mana downquot8 mapas como quots3, Batle Townquot -- Server with 8 new maps and all the premium item KPT quotPhoenix Pet, Mana down quot8 maps as quots3, B

200x all ratesSOD new items lvl 105 + all stuff

New Classes, New Exclusive: HD Graphics, Dynamic Shadows, HELLS GATE, Solo/Daily/Party Quests, Clan system, Caravan Pets, Monster capturing, Boat system, Mail system, Battle Arena, New Items, New Skills, New Maps, Mix Recipes, Widescreen support, Global Chat, BlessCastle, Bellatra and a lot MORE

Sobre SkyPT rates 120x/80x/60x

Level 150 cap, Custom exp rate (around 70-100x regular), Friendly GMs and Admins, 3 New Custom sets, Innovative coin system, Custom clan system with working BC,SoD, Taxes, and Rankings, Custom Account/Clan/Misc Panel - All in one, Age +18

Server com Phoenix Pet, 8 Novos mapas, todos os item premium do KPT, Mapas incluindo quotBatle arena, Atlantisquot

Sage Destiny Priston Tale Its not a game, its a dream we invite you to join this server, we are not asking you to leave your server, we are asking you to join this one Rates: 50/50/50 Lvl 120 cap Working on clans New npcs Server is online

80XP,New Character Skins,New Item Skins,New 115 items,Rank up from acct manager,Drop Rate good , Mana Map,New Monsters,New Mix,Gold Sticked,Crystal Shop,150 maximal lvl,Chrismas Events,Clan Working 100 sod , Bless castle, Download the New CLient and The

100x/Drop:60x /Gold:50x Itens Premium Funcionando F

Rates: 130Xp / 80x (Todas Grades) / Gold (Ainda nao lan

Come And Join Our server OLD KilroY PT players Can still Continue there characters here New Admins and Gms always online 24/7-Events everyday-160 lvlcap-siege BlessCastle Every Sunday 7pm +8GMT-Good EXPTier 5 Skills-Assassin and Shaman updated -REGISTER NOW

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Tier 5 , 2 new class - New Quests - New Maps - New NPCS - PvP system - New Monsters - New Mixes - Aging +20 - Max Level 150 - New BC System - Cleaning Item System - New Bless castle system - Events every day , and more more

Priston Tale is a free, full 3D MMORPG based on the adventures in the continent of Priston The world of Priston is composed of the subtle relations between two tribes: the

Priston Tale Server, free 2 play, new system game, ExP 150x, no Dc for ExPUP , new itens and monster, dedicated server 24/7 onLevel Start 85, with 5kk, you can create and manage your account in especial account manager, come join us

New Priston server with custom features, XP 80, age +30, NEW EXCLUSIVE QUESTS Custom account manager, cheap donate system, Vote reward, Bless Castle tax fully working New balance chars Get top right now

EXP: 120x / DROP: 120x / GOLD: 70x - Clan amp BC 100 Working - Premium Shops - Improved +18 Age - New Mixing - 120 Maxed Level

Custom exp , gold , drops New server , ( English )Coming soon , Stay tuned

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XP RATE 200x GOLD RATE 50x DROP RATE 50x Level Cap 149, Server have Bug on level 120+, Bless Castle System 100 Have Fun Come Join 24/7 work online