PristonTale Private Servers

New Server From priston Taleexperience 250x, server on 24/7,no lag,no Bug 120+, Start level 80 With Quest ready, server up+PvPAll this and much more come check )

Start level 100, Level cap 250 Very Fast Exp, Sod And BC work 100 Balanced skills Xtrap Custom mix table Age +26 New Maps for TRAIN and HUNT items up to 180, 17 new MAPS, Craft Shop Events every day and EXP event sunday after BC Join Us

New Classes, New Exclusive: HD Graphics, Dynamic Shadows, HELLS GATE, Solo/Daily/Party Quests, Clan system, Caravan Pets, Monster capturing, Boat system, Mail system, Battle Arena, New Items, New Skills, New Maps, Mix Recipes, Widescreen support, Global Chat, BlessCastle, Bellatra and a lot MORE

Server com 8 Novos mapas e Todos os item premium do KPT quotPhoenix Pet, Mana downquot8 mapas como quots3, Batle Townquot -- Server with 8 new maps and all the premium item KPT quotPhoenix Pet, Mana down quot8 maps as quots3, B

Server com Phoenix Pet, 8 Novos mapas, todos os item premium do KPT, Mapas incluindo quotBatle arena, Atlantisquot

Sage Destiny Priston Tale Its not a game, its a dream we invite you to join this server, we are not asking you to leave your server, we are asking you to join this one Rates: 50/50/50 Lvl 120 cap Working on clans New npcs Server is online

Sobre SkyPT rates 120x/80x/60x

200x all ratesSOD new items lvl 105 + all stuff

Level 150 cap, Custom exp rate (around 70-100x regular), Friendly GMs and Admins, 3 New Custom sets, Innovative coin system, Custom clan system with working BC,SoD, Taxes, and Rankings, Custom Account/Clan/Misc Panel - All in one, Age +18

Rates: 130Xp / 80x (Todas Grades) / Gold (Ainda nao lan

100x/Drop:60x /Gold:50x Itens Premium Funcionando F

80XP,New Character Skins,New Item Skins,New 115 items,Rank up from acct manager,Drop Rate good , Mana Map,New Monsters,New Mix,Gold Sticked,Crystal Shop,150 maximal lvl,Chrismas Events,Clan Working 100 sod , Bless castle, Download the New CLient and The

Tier 5 , 2 new class - New Quests - New Maps - New NPCS - PvP system - New Monsters - New Mixes - Aging +20 - Max Level 150 - New BC System - Cleaning Item System - New Bless castle system - Events every day , and more more

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Come And Join Our server OLD KilroY PT players Can still Continue there characters here New Admins and Gms always online 24/7-Events everyday-160 lvlcap-siege BlessCastle Every Sunday 7pm +8GMT-Good EXPTier 5 Skills-Assassin and Shaman updated -REGISTER NOW

Lvl cap : 249 - Exp : 300x - Gold 25x - Drops 45x - Age +20 - Level Start : 100Server Brasileiro De Priston Tale Venha vc tbm Para O Grande Sigma Priston Tale

Priston Tale Server, free 2 play, new system game, ExP 150x, no Dc for ExPUP , new itens and monster, dedicated server 24/7 onLevel Start 85, with 5kk, you can create and manage your account in especial account manager, come join us

Priston Tale is a free, full 3D MMORPG based on the adventures in the continent of Priston The world of Priston is composed of the subtle relations between two tribes: the

Custom exp , gold , drops New server , ( English )Coming soon , Stay tuned

New Priston server with custom features, XP 80, age +30, NEW EXCLUSIVE QUESTS Custom account manager, cheap donate system, Vote reward, Bless Castle tax fully working New balance chars Get top right now

EXP: 120x / DROP: 120x / GOLD: 70x - Clan amp BC 100 Working - Premium Shops - Improved +18 Age - New Mixing - 120 Maxed Level

XP RATE 200x GOLD RATE 50x DROP RATE 50x Level Cap 149, Server have Bug on level 120+, Bless Castle System 100 Have Fun Come Join 24/7 work online