Ragnarok Online Private Servers

[ 500+ Players Online ] [ International Low Mid Pre-Re Servers ] [ Max Lvl 99/70 ] [ Floating Rates ] [ Low: 13x13x5x to 15x15x7x ] [ Mid: 130x130x30x to 150x150x50x ] [ Stable working eAmod ] [ Gepard Shield 20 ] [ Colorize Nicknames ] [ Guild Houses ] [ Hosted in Europe ] [ DDoS Protected ]

150/150/50 - max lvl 99/70 rebirth - android/pc platform - daily rewards - hourly rewards - mvp rewards - 500 headgears/costume questable - rental equipment - mvp map pvp on

Launch: 6 October 2018 International Mid-Rate Pre-Re Episode 133 Rates: 100x100x75x Battleground 30 WoE Rentals Rankigns Woon Gaming

Servidor totalmente customizado e com sistemas exclusivos Cerca de 400 pokemon disponiveis Totalmente baseado nos jogos originaisAbility, Shiny, Nature, EVs, IVs, Duelos, partidas multiplayer, capturas, pescaria, colheita e muito mais Venha ser um mestre pokemon

RebirthRO 1000+ Hats many Custom Instances New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion - Kagerou - Oboro server named Thor 100/100/10/2 Two classic servers: Loki 100/100/20 and Eir 5/5/3 600+ players online 100,000+ active players 100 secure web site Free Pokemon pets 24/7 uptime Active WoE and BG

Old Chaos Ragnarok Online Classic 99/50 3x/3x/2x Updated Gepard Shield 20Available on Android and PC Episode: 5 Juno - Forgotten Legacy of an Ancient EraClassic Mob Spawn and Drops Classic Skill MechanicsClassic Job Changer Disabled MVP and Mini Boss Card

Rates 5/5/3 Com Advanced Classes Hospedado em um moderno Datacenter com Conexao 100/100mbps Venha fazer parte de nossa comunidade

6k/6k/100 max lvl 255/255 questable/votable donations guild/newbie packs up for 5+ years, no wipes, stable intense WOE/GVG/PVP

RevivalRO located in ASIA NO LAG Loki server Rates: 100x/100x/20x - Maximum Level: 255/120 1200+ Hats many Custom Instances/Monster/Items 300 to 550 players

[ Online 500+ ] [ Launch Date: 13 June 2018 ] [ International Mid-Rate df server ] [ Pre-Renewal ] [ Episode 13_3 ] [ Floating Rates: Weekdays 77x77x33x, Weekends 99x99x44x ] [ BattleGrounds 2_0 Custom ] [ Gepard Shield 3_0 ] [ Anti-DDoS Hosting in Europe ]

World Boss Events + WoE Rewards + Legendary Gear/Quests + Daily Quests Challenges + Login Rewards + Balanced 3rd Classes + 5k/5k/Dynamic + Level 250/120 + Stats 200 + WoE Castle Rotation + Service NPCs + No Wipe

Become a hero - 5/5/3 - Pre-Renewal Stable for 8+ Years No Wipe - Fishing Mining, 4 Full Custom Dungeons, Exp + Rewards for participating in WoE BG, Light VS Dark Allegiance, Trials of Heroes, 100+ Hairstyles, Frequent Events, Unique Quests, No Dual Client, Nice Community of 250-300 players

apertura 1 septservidor HR 255/1202da clase aspd 195rates 1k-1k-1kdrops 10/5/1

Looking for something to enjoy this coming Christmas Break Cerberus Ragnarok Online will Launch on Oct 20, 2018

A mid rate server suitable for all players low rate or high rate server type players Its not so hard and not so easy Our server launching 4th March 2017, also available via ANDROID AND WEB BROWSER

Server Info:10k/10k/ModifiedNormal Drop Rate: 100MVP Cards: 10Rare Cards: 1Instant Job Changer per account 1 character onlyGuild Capacity 27/27Ddos ProctectionGepard Shield Protected V 30Mid Rate ServerBase/JobLv: 255/100Aspd 196 MaxTranscendent JobsFarm/PK Serverand many more

Our Ro is equipped withe the BEST gm With 150job and EXp ratesSS ton of eventSSSSvisithttp://friendzroblogspot/ to know how to contact US

aeRO Ragnarok Online: Four Servers, Four rates 5x/30x/500x/2000x rates, you choose Advanced Classes Adv: 1100 online, 1400 peek Fast Stable

Linux Server Box - T1 Connection - 1 Gig Ram - Custom Items - Friendly GMs - New Quests - Novice Land - Advanced Classes

Rates: 8k/8k/3k // MaxLvl: 500/120 // Renewal content with some Pre-RE mechanics // 3rd Jobs // Oboro, Kagerou, Rebellion, Dorams // Active PvP // Battlegrounds // Newbie Friendly // Exclusive Hero Quest // Unique Mining and Forging System // Monster Missions and MORE

Chapter R is back after 7 years We didnt change over the years: 8/9/10 rates, Pre-renewal with adjusted and balanced 3rd classes for a full content without abuse Unique RP instances and much more

The server is on Pre-renewal Classic Trans server- Max Level 99/70- 1st Month Rates: 25x/25x/7x- Default Rate: 10x/10x/5x- No BOT- No Multi-Client- Dual Login disabled when players on the same map- You can Play anywhere in the world- Feel the LevelUP Games first pRO Server gameplay

Rates 10x10x10x no custom equip Un divertido servidor de bajos rates de interes para todos los que disfrutan del sistema renewal

10x/10x/9x Spanish server Up for 5+ years with no wipes Dedicated, lag free and secure hosting Professional administration Anti-bot/wpe/mods Updated weekly Great community with +1000 players