Ragnarok Online2 Private Servers

3th RO2 server in the world - 10x exp - 10x drop - no wipes - growing comunity - daily bug fix - always online

[c][b]Chippy Ragnarok Online 2 - Rates: 100cexp/jexp100jexp/70drop - Helpful GMs - No wipes - Good Community - English Server[/b][/c]

Servidor NOVO, BR, 100X/100X/100x Staff Competente, estamos em Busca de GM039s Novos

Server priver Francais ragnarok online 2 [24H/24-1000MBIT] JEUX TRADUIT EN FRANCAIS - cEXP: 10000x jEXP: 10000x wEXP: 10000x Drops: 2000x - PVP: OUVERT Nouvelle Carte (MAP)- AUCUN LAG JEUX EN 3D avec lanceur LEVEL MAX: 500

FREE STUFF AT REGISTRATION PVP x1000 + Low RP x20 Events, CUSTOM BONUSES Dual Quad Core Xeon 5405 Processors 8GB FB-DIMM Registered 667 Ram2x 73GB 15k RPM SA-SCSI Disks in Raid 1100mbps Uplink Public ConnectionJOIN TODAY

Kombat RO Jogue Agora

Balanced REALMS:-Low rates-Medium rates-High ratesNo pay to win system , everything is earned by farming and crafting Join today and get a free starter pack

Full working Ragnarok2 Private Server,Experience:40xCreate account for more informations and features Friendly GMs and comunity 200 players+

Hight PVP x500 + Low RP x15 +3000 Players Online quotNO DONATIONquot - quotNO LAGquot - Good amp Serious GMs

New server files , bugless gameplay , dedicated server , no donation , automatic vote reward , newbie items on start 24/7 online

FREE RELIABLE SERVER - FAST GROWING : 5000x/5000x/100 Level 500/120 + TOTALLY NO DONATES No lag, 999 uptime Gameguard Vanguard Charm type items Instense WoE and PvPRates, WoR and many EVENTS [7500+players] custom Itens and Weapons for all Classes

All Retail Updates added, 9999x Rates, DDoS Protected, 99 Uptime, FUN and DEDICATED staff team, Vote for Cash, Real CASH prizes, Daily events, Brand NEW Server, First 50 will get a GM title Join Us Now

The best Ragnarok Online 2 server of allEXP x5000,Drop x2000 GP 5000Custom items, custom dungeons, custom creature and many more Enjoy

This server is new English server Rates exp:50 drop:50good GM039s and GM SHOPS

Rate Exp x 15/Drop x 15: 100mbit / NO LAGG :: 100 quest and english Many Events Welcome ]

One of the first and fastest growing english Ragnarok II servers Dedicated Server Host 24/7 on a top of the line server box 100mbs Supporting 2000 players, No Lag, Updates daily, Events, Fair play, and Dedicated development Join now and experience RO2 Na

Malaysia RO2 Server Online 24/7 Exp Rate: 30x, Drop: 30x Come join us now

RagnaGears2 Em Beta Entre nessa Aventura e Ajude o Server a Crescer Vote 24/7 Rates 10/10/5

2 servers - Ragnarok2: 35x/35x/35x - MVP ROOM - auge/headgear drops Ragnarok1: iROlike server 1x/1x/1x rates - repeatable exp quests - Best community on both servers and always up to date

Exp 3000x Drop 3500x Kinah 2500x Quest 2000x All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, PvPvE Server , Long Term, All Working Skills, Quests, Instances,Join NOW

exp: x180 gold: x2500 drop: x310 The most complete Private server Daily Events, updates, 1000+ players onlineInstance system fully working High rates, unique features, ingame rewards system And much more


O Servidor de Ragnarok Online World RO contEm 6 sub-servidores: Fenix - Level 999/300, Atlantis - Level 400/200, Prometheus - Level 300/200, Bifrost Level 200/150, Midgard Level 300/150, Asgard Level 99/70