RF Online Private Servers

PT/EXP/DROP RATE x15 Free2Play Giga4E1 (client to download at page) Events AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+, 4GB ram, HDD 250GB SERVER START 17122007 AT 7PM Enjoy and have fun

Here are loads of private online servers we have found for you including Lineage 2 and World Of Warcraft Plus a Whole lot more

65 Cap This is what Official should have always been Just the game by itself without upgraders and a good staff to keep balance 8x Exp 4x all others 5x Skill/Force PT, 8x animus No summer update, GVG, ETS, DQ, OP-n, runes Just the classic game

Level Max 50 BD Max 50 Auction Disabled Mail Disabled Honorary Guild Active Damage Defense Official CCR Item Drop Official CCR Sell Rate NormalDisable Rune Potion-Teleport Potion-Revive Potion-Summon Potion No limit for total Ore MinningDual Login Enable Bash-LDR-Accleration Enable

Server Live 5/12/2018 Version 2232 level 65 Cap Balance Server both Donators and Normal Unique features in game play and players will be heard with their suggestion Active GM in game Tired of a server dying fast We have a strong security

Beta-test of the game server have been opened Server G4 Episode 2 - Update part III is completely working The administration of the server are going to give for all testers some prizesDuring beta-test all testers can taste something new something insan

high rate server - PVP style - all GM - no over powered donation items to have a fair and fun game

Episode 2 Part1 Update 5, x5 rates, max lvl 55, 53 amp 55 armor, rare ore, RMAU, Red Siege Kit, Red Isis, etc

Good server:: No lags:: good exp:: all works: We have Speacial events every 2nd day

Download and play one of the best online games on our servers We are a new RF community with two server for no lagg and free gamingJoin now and feel good and free by playing RF - Rigistered Accounts: 95 Ultimate weapons/cotumer areas/no lagg/nearly no

RF RevolutionServer - Servidor Brasileiro de RF Online Ep2 FULL - PvP Server - HIGH Rate - (Red Mau/Isis/Siege Relics Level 55 3 Novos Maps Jetpacks) - Fa

Date Base - Rising Force Online

RF Grow2KiLL - Episode 2 Update 5 - PVP Server x300 Rates - Levelcap 55 - Blue Mau/SiegeKit - Red Mau/SiegeKit/Isis - Relic Items - Hero Items - Jetpacks - Ingame Events - Friendly GMs

PVP server with 5 mobs per quest, cash for dalants, dual client unlimited, devil square, exclusive update with new content

Max Level 70 - 5000x EXP - Very High Rate Server - Many Event Rewards Official Group Facebook :

Server 30x - Lv Cap 70 - 7 dias de premium - GameCP com VoteShop - PlayTime dando 5 pontos de cash por minuto - Update AGE of PATRON - Novos Mapas- Todas as informacoes estao no site e no grupo do Facebook Acesse e confira

Full Episode 2 Part 1 Update 5 - 3000x PvP Server Level 55 Cap Ancient Armors Red, Blue amp Green Items Friendly, Fair, Active Admins amp GMs No Lag Weekely Events Join our community

2232 server No corruption Easy to farm items +6 max upgrade devcorp enabled

300xExp 300xPT 300xMining Rates, 1 Million Starting Gold, GMPT-GMSkills/Force,Intense Lv25-Lv50 WeaponsArmors,Intense Armors Weapons Lv55-Lv60,Red Mau,Red Siege kits,Red Isis, Relict weapons,Dungeons

RF-Online Ep2 Up5 - 30x Exp, 45x PT/FP, x25 Drops (Custom) and x30 Mining Blue MAU Working, Drop Rates Changing all the timeFriendly Staff All Welcome

RF WAR - Episode 2 Gigas 4 Update 5 - 60x PvP Server - Free to Play - Friendly Community and Staff - Levelcap 60 - Blue Mau/SiegeKit - Red Mau/SiegeKit/Isis - Relic Items - Hero Items - Jetpacks - No +7 donations

Server imbalance max lv 66,new quest for information check website now