Star Wars Galaxies Private Servers

A Star Wars Galaxies NGE Emulator project websiteWe plan to create a NGE Emu as the official SWG closes in December

10th Battalion is a SWGEmu Imperial PvP guild forming to play on the SunCrusher server Submit a guild application now

The Vast Empire is a FREE Star Wars role playing and gaming club We play all the Star Wars games and take role playing to the next level

Old School SWG is a Community hosting the Persistent Worlds Pre-cu Emulator Check out the Test Center thats Live

If you had always wanted take a big part in a server life and economy Star Wars Galaxies Europa Vanilla server is for you - Also for all the people that want to join a server located in Europe with low ping guaranteed - Players from Europe - Welcome home

Pre-CU server committed to keeping the game the way it should be Community Driven Community Owned

Infinity is an enhanced version of Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies with many improvements to the day-to-day activities With Custom Content in place and more to come, and also a GCW Token System and a Dailies/Weeklies system, Infinity is a great place to call home

Friendly, Fun Pre-Cu server New planets, New races, Custom content added regularly and Weekly events Fantastic community and helpful staff Come join us, you wont be disappointed Players from all over the WorldCome Join Us at SREmu

SWG Reckoning is a Jedi enabled Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU Server - Our mission is to bring Pre-CU SWG back to the masses while also striving to provide the best possible play experience for our community - Join one of the FASTEST growing SWG servers - Relive the Star Wars Galaxies saga today

]]All PvP All the time[[ Bria Reborn is a SWGEmu server that plans to reunite the Bria community under one server We will be running the system just as it was when we left it

Unification Wars is a free Massively Online Game with over 1,000,000 members You are the leader of an empire, recruit and level up your minister(s) to assist you to expand your economy, military and power by diplomatic or military means Enslave all int

With a fast paced combat system similar to the CU/NGE Fastest combat system of any emulator Darklight SWG features 35+ classes as well as having Jedi Taking all the good parts from the NGE/CU/PRE-CU and fusing them together 5 active Developers Sign up on the forums Server release May 4, 2015

The name speas for its self)

Bloodfin is the ORIGINAL server to organize and incorporate CU and NGE/TCG housing and weapons/items onto the server for players to obtain Often imitated, but never duplicated, we currently have 100s of new items that will be made available to the player base in the upcoming 2015 year

Welcome Jedi and Sith friends to The Star Wars Shop - Jedi-Robe Whether your search is for Star Wars Costumes, Star Wars Toys, Star Wars Figures, Star Wars Playsets, Star Wars Vehicles as well as 100039s of other Unique and Special products you

Star Wars Galaxies Fan website / a story of a Bounty Hunter / Server Farstar / Big Screen database there

Ninja School is a core of dedicated players with extensive experience in the high-level PvE areas and advanced farming techniques who wish to take their skills to the next level by making the transition from PvE to PvP Click our link to learn more

It is our goal to enable the players to login, select professions, gear up and go play We have eliminated the need for the XP grind and Jedi Grind Login, Have FUN We have New Bunkers/Professions/Species/Crafting paradise [former RogueOne] Check us out you will not be sorry

Galactic Rebellion is looking for more heroes to join the cause We are a small new server with a dedicated core of people always looking for new blood Come check us out and see for yourself

Play super exciting Ben 10 fire games on this premier gaming site Explore a wide collection of Ben 10 fire alien games to relax and enjoy at your home

The latest news and sighting discussion regarding aliens, ufos, and the paranormal

SWTORPSCom - The first amp only Star Wars The Old Republic Private Server and Emulation Community Join the community today

WarDrome is a free strategic management browser game set in a space opera atmosphereReal time combats, development, economy and role play

UK Star Wars Galaxies SWG Forums Guild Multigaming Counter strike clan, Dawn of War Dark Crusade, Company of Heroes, Day of Defeat Battlefield 2 / 2142 RECRUITING NOW