Tales of Pirates Private Servers

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new reborn system in game,max level 100,max pet level 1000,Level 100 Easy by Moon Cake,Join Legion and Start Fighting Over Power Resources with your Friends and Control The World,New Items,12 Pking Map with Legion Team Fighting

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New 2018 server, exclusive systems like deploying bombs, Being a pokemon master, Ranking of the top players in each map PK, NPC showing Status of Boss, New quests, New Maps, New Apareals,Vote System, Referral System, 24/7, No Lag and much more All thi

Balanced REALMS:-Low rates-Medium rates-High ratesNo pay to win system , everything is earned by farming and crafting Join today and get a free starter pack

Silver Sea Online is a Tales of Pirates private server that is 24/7 NON-Hamachi This server contains several unique and custom features that only we can provide free 2 play, items maps never seen before and quests that will keep you on your feet

Server Rates: Max Character Level:100 10x Drop-Rate Max Pet Level: 41 / 62 with improved fruits 400x Fairy-Growth Max Stats: 100 New Features +More to be discovered

If you are looking for the Ultimate Tales of Pirates experience, Ultimate Pirates Online is the way to go

Pirates Online is a massive online pirate game that was influenced by the original game tales of pirates If you enjoyed tales of pirates give this game a try, to relive your nostalgic memories

Well balanced rates, One of the most fair private server youll ever experience,There is NO pay-to-win,Starter pack ready for you- Awesome Community - Private server that supports [Windows and Mac OS]

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Tales of Pirates PK Server Max level 120, Max level Pet 50, Solo 15x, Party 20x, Drop 15x ,fairy 1000x, Unique Gems in NPC , so many PVP Maps Enjoy Now

Join now Anti-dupe, Nice features, Daily Quest, Many maps, PK, Farm, Fresh Server And much much more

Welcome To Anubis Pirates Online , New Brand Server, Made by Gamers For The Gamers,New Apparels, New Weapons, New Quests, New Adventure,New Feature Join The EGYPT story with us, You Will Not Regret trying us

Tales of Pirates First Mobile Private ServerExp Rate 15x Party Rate 20xDrop Rate 10xFairy Rate 100x

New server with high expectations Solo [10x], Party [20x], Growth [5000x], Unique Features, Weekly Events and Experienced GMs, dont wait any longer, Join now

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Exp x499 - PExp x999 - Pet Exp x19999 - Drop x200 - New Class - New Maps - Vote Reward - Non Hamachi - Balanced - New Skills - New System - Auto Event - HD Event Staff Event - Always there for you - Alot of Fun Come Join Now

NEW Server 24/7 Good Admins , Server Serius Welcome and enjoy this send inbox on fanpage KOP for kit for start Nuevo Server Easy , ven y divierte no esperes mas TE ENCANTARA

Hybrid between classic and future TOP server FoxLv II is the next generation of private servers, we have features of TOP2 and extending Ran by team of experienced developers who is committed in long term and developing exceptional features such as removing barrier between mallers and non-mallers

If you want play old TOP/PKO cmon to us We have little hard server, but you can achieve all

[New Unique System]-[PvE, PvM, PvP and Raids]-[PvP Mode Everywhere]-[New Daily Quests]-[New In-Game Commands]-[Max Level 135]-[Max Pet Lvl 52]-[4x Drop Rate][15x Solo Exp]-[20x Party Exp]-[400x Fairy Growth]-[Gem Bank]- ALOT MORE Join us right now

The best Tales of Pirates server of allEXP x5000,Drop x2000 GP 5000Custom items, custom dungeons, custom creature and many more Enjoy

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Max Lv100, exp x99999, drop x100, max pet lv2000, new eqs with powerful stats, new server files by our team, stat +400 max, skinny eqs, muscled eqs and super muscled eqs No lag, 24/7 online Hamachi server but will stay online for 4-6 years Join now