Ultima Online Private Servers

UO Evolution [ML/SE/SA/UW]USA shard with the most custom content anywhere No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, New Spell system, Townhouses, Animal Breeding

Experience The Masterpiece Of Custom UO OSI Clone Gameplay Combined Pre-T2a/Renaissance Era Nystalgia Meets New-School Era Gameplay Highspeed Dedicated Kaby-Lake Connection, LOW Pings 2+ Years Development, Fast-Paced Enhanced Accelerated PvM/PvP/Spells Combat System

RunUO Shard mit vielen UO:SA-Features, ua Gargoyles als neue, von den Menschen voellig getrennte Spielerrasse, Imbuing, Mysticism, Barding-Spells, Underworld, Abyss Eigene Ergaenzungen wie das PvP-Castle Siege-System und das Criminal-System auf Ter Mur

Still better than the imitators Stygian Abyss, the latest clients, no skill cap Minimal trammel - Accelerated combat - Active factions - Daily PVP tournaments - Texas hold em - Dedicated US host

Shard PK francais nouvelle gnration: Systeme dXP, Systeme de classes, ventail devents (Environ 8 diffrents en ce moment), Systeme denchantements darmes et armures et plus encore voir

Loads of custom dungeons and quests Skill cap unlimited, stat cap 750This is an international shard,many Countries are representedAll are welcomeJoin the family of Beyond Time and enjoy the fun and excitement We are SA enabled and adding new content constantlyNew IP is 756998164 port 2593

[100mbit] [Pre-REN] Hosted in Canada IPY Inspired No statloss No Mounts No Neons No blessed weapons etc PvP/PvE/RP No Check us out

Custom AOS with the good parts of SE and ML No Skill Cap, 305/330 Stat Cap Fast Paced 4/54 PvP, Daily PvP Tournaments, PVM events, Texas Holdem, Double Domination, Capture the Flag

White Tiger is a new growing ServerIp Address:whitetigersrus Port:2593Start with 100 in each StatUnlimited skill capTwo houses per account and two accounts per ip addressMonthly Mobs, Tamables and Deco Mobs alsoThere is PVM and PVP in FEL

Old school UO Sphere 55i with a totally rescripted combat system Every skill works We are all about having fun Come on by, you wont regret it

Youve seen shards with levels and tier systems, but Evolving is a whole new twist to the game Once able to Evolve, you can transform into a whole new being one that you must train with all new abilities

Unique classes with a DD based level system Custom quests and items developed since 2002 RP in Britannia / macroing in T2A / PvP everywhere

Currently Closed to 1112004

UOSE with TeamSpeak, Skill Gates, Custom Items, NPCs, Monsters, Vendors, Idols, Custom Crafting, Harvest System, Gardening System, Auction System, Paint Ball, Battle Chess, Druid Cleric Spells, Ore, Hides More

gt5 years experience, POL+RunUO, frequent updates, balanced PvP PvM, caps 715/225, rentable shops, exciting events (CTF , Tournaments , PTP , Gladiator)

2 Facets Available - Felucca A Custom Map Unique Dungeons, Quests, Events, more A great community

Every monster gives xp Quests give xp Crafting gives xp Deathtakes away xp Dont die This is SurvivalA unique leveling/xp gaining shard Your skills and stats are limited by your level, and the survival gameplay will make you beg for the next level

UO Planescape Shard

ValhallaLost is a 15 year free family shard, Huge custom maps with 100s of unique npcs Duel/PK Areas,Raids,Quests Race and Class available, no skill cap and rares PVP, roleplaying, Excellent crafting system helpful players and staff

The parts you loved and miss about Ultima Online Best of Pre UO:R- instahit, pre-casting etc No mounts, no neon, lots of events, roleplay supported, tournaments, dedicated staff just pure, fun Ultima

Fully custom, fresh PvP shard High skill/stat caps, tons of new fully unique systems Dedicated staff and frequent events Always up

Hey This is the best one shard Many new monsters, many different stuff, cool players, many events and best staff Join us today ant be god tomorrow

Experience Sylvan Heart Be anything on a family-friendly shard with dedicated staff and a beautiful RP encouraging atmosphere where pvm flourishes and pvp lurks waiting for those daring to try their might 1200/450 skill/stat cap, macro 24/7, abundance of custom MOBs, commands, items, and more

We are a Run UO ver 10 Shard Auto Account IS Active Many custom scripts, vet reward, all four maps fully spawned