World of Kung Fu Private Servers

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Euroaion World of kung fu , game version 1065, working pet system, level cap 120, Drop/Experience/Reputation x1 (for the moment), All Items in ItemMall are free, nice growing community, friendly Gm, daily events, weekly events, join us

World Of Kung Fu BATTLEWOKF Version 1053 Free to play, ExpRatio: 50x, Loot 50x, Troopexp 50x, Friendly Gm join us,Not all Mall Items are free, no lag, just enter a world of mystery with battlewokf 24/7

Well balanced rates, One of the most fair private server youll ever experience,There is NO pay-to-win,Starter pack ready for you- Awesome Community - Private server that supports [Windows and Mac OS]

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World of Kung Fu is a fast paced, free to play martial arts MMORPG set in an alternate fantasy version of medieval China, with nine weapon types available that serve as the games classes it set itself apart from the normal formula of similar MMORPGs

Age Of Wushu Private ServerServer Full English , 1000 player + All drop x8, Donate x10 For Fun

Force lies only in the strong, join us now, this is the place to be, 9999 Rates, bug free, cheap items, free starter pack, lots of players This is the place to be, join NOW

1 Exp Rate x100, Drop Rate x20, Rep Rate x402 All latest equipments, mounts and fashion are available3 Level cap 994 Gold can be purchased through NPC5 Donation Item available6 Server will be up forever

The best World of Kung Fu server of allEXP x5000,Drop x2000 GP 5000Custom items, custom dungeons, custom creature and many more Enjoy

KungFuWorld Special Server Rates 25x Exp/5x Drop/125x Group/5x Rep 24/7 Uptime Dedicated Host 8 GbDDr 1 gigabit 13200 Mghz Join The KungFuWorld Community More than 90 Free Item Mall

Balanced REALMS:-Low rates-Medium rates-High ratesNo pay to win system , everything is earned by farming and crafting Join today and get a free starter pack

The most professional WOKF server - Own dev team - FREE GOLD WHEN YOU VOTE - XP x50 - Loot x10 - Group x5 - Rep x3 - No down time - No bug - LATEST GAME VERSION - Guardian Pets - Lvl 5 Schools - Friendly GM - Exclusive mounts - lvl cap 140

[255 Level Cap] [Tier 1 to Tier 14] [1v1 Arena][All Classes for All Races] [80000+ Custom Items] [Amazing Custom and scripted Instances] [Custom Quests] [Working BG and Arena] [Custom Mall] [Balanced Classes] [Friendly Staff][Transmog Mall][Unique Wing Transmogs][Custom Bosses]r

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