Guild Wars Private Servers

A Large Guild Wars Guild which is very active To join post on the forum

Farming guides, Character builds, Items location, forums and trading

Freunde der Gezeiten - A German Guild since 2005

Three Minute Mile is a fairly new guild with a sick cape, new hall, and sweet website As our member count increases, our domination will too

We are a Premier GuildPortal Spot light Guild with 118+ active members and apart of a 22 guild alliance Mature players who enjoy all aspects of GW including regularly scheduled guild events Members located throughout the world

Your 1 Information source for Buying Guild Wars Gold - learn how to make smart purchases and even profit from your transactions

TheGuildWars is one of the oldest dedicated sites for GuildWars We offer a site design that is as artistic as the game, active forums, almost weekly contests, and in depth GuildWars content If its Guildwars - its here

A Great place to hang out, talk about guild wars, and become part of an empire NOW HOSTED BY GUILD WARS UNDERGROUND

The guild of the fading light, we are a group of good, respectful players dedicated to having good, clean fun in PvE and PvP

1 Guild Wars Guild Come on in and post in are forums or check our are screenshots an read the news

We are the Guild Shadows of the Night This is a Guild Wars only guild, and we are a group of friendly, nice people who want to have fun, and also want to be competitive Have Fun

GaG A Dedicated Guild Wars Guild established as RoB guild -- Looking For Elite Players Our Guild provides Structure, PvP, Missions, Teamspeak,Guild vs Guild Much More CURRENTLY RECRUITING ALL CLASSES

The Official Guild Site of TKWR We are a multinational fun guild and we love to join on missions and quests and ready to go PvP We need more active members that would like to join Come see our Site and Forum

Rangers Anlashok Guild was formed by a group of friends who believe that the purpose of a guild is to help its members through the use of fair play The advancement of the guild is what we strive for but not at the expense of other or the games we play

WarHelmets is a powerful guild with experienced RPG players dedicated to the game Come on in and join our forums

We have a nice friendly community, Guild Hall No profession limits, no level limits Everyone welcome Join now