Gunbound Private Servers

Great community and freindly GMs100x rates and customed shopsVIP shops and first 5 get GMfirst 10 poeple to get lvl 50 get VIP GM039s get VIP automattically so dont woriCustomed shops and setsfree 500k GOLD every 10 lvls

40x Exp - 40x Drop - 50x Bounty -EternalGunZ- Type: Quest/Match Server Language: EnglishJoin now ITS FREE

Welcome to a 24/7 support community were everything is availabe and wide open to your eyes

GunBound 24/7 World Champion Season 1 300000 Gold 30000 Cash Loja Personalizada Veio pra ficar

Este Server Es Nuevo Asi que espero su comprencion ) no es las 24 horas online por ahora pero pronto lo sera xD la parte de usuarios online no funka asi que si dise 1 es mentira siempre dise eso

The 1 Gunz Private Server 100+ ACTIVE Players, 30x EXP, Custom Items + VIP Items, Quest Mode, Clan Wars, Come Join Us Now

A Amazing Private Server, You wont regret joining it

A new wiki designed for Maple Story and Gunbound Guides, Maps, NPCs, Monsters, its all here

120000-Cash1000000-GoldSERVER TOTAL BR24 horas onVenha conferir

GunBound 100WC Full Neo Observation Avatar and 20kCash 500kGold exp x30 24/7online

We are soon getting vBulletin and gunz will be released soon

Nuevo Gunbound Universal 50 mil de cash x registro Nuevos avatars

Gunbound p/s all avatar are 1 gold, 500x exp join today

Nuevo Gunbound hispano por cuenta que crees tendra 100000 Cahs y 50000 oro evento en cualquier momento los invito a jugar muy bueno que espera entra ya