Kal Online Private Servers

100x Exp 50x Egg Exp Custom Droprate Custom Monsters Custom Spawns Mage Areas Friendly and Experienced Team Come and Join

Ultimate KalOnline PVP-Server Server Online 24/7 Start at Lvl 15 Thief Class Exp Rate 1000x , Egg rate 1000x New D5 added amp other new Areas New Armors amp Weapons G60 - G100 Reborn System Join Us GoGoGo

New Server24/24Two guilds must fight monsters to gain points higher level monsters are worth more points Killing opposing players also rewards your team more points The team with the most points after 1 hour is declared the winner

Vista(32-bit) ready with 100x experience, custom drop rate, high quest drop custom armor, weapons, come into the DARKNESS and have some fun many new things New website is

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Heros-Online Non-Hamachi High Drop Rate Server255 level, 125 Equipment, good standard Compose Rate, God Maps, Divine Skill, Dance skills, New Divine Pets added, Free VIP lvl 3, Start Level 50 And Much more , come and join our community and enjoy

- Server files same as international- Max G65/70- Exp/Egg x200- 3rd Job- Pet System- Valley of Devah- Devah Dungeon- and more- Jon Now

EXP 20x / EGG 15x / Custom Droprate We Are a fully new Kalonline World, we have a own created Narootuh, Temp fort and much other areas been edited Full working Monster Summon Scrolls system Hanin Areas like Emok island and Tower of Priest

- 400x Exp Rate- Server side protect (KOSP R11 Premium amp KOCP)- Engine support Windows Vista 32- New Armors G70 , G80 , G90 , G100 4- BoF system for G60 and more

Coming SOON - Low rate server run by staff with legitimate credentials in the field of Game Coding and Design - New boss system - Web market for characters/items(handled by the server) - And much more come join early for early CBT access


EXTREME HIGHRATE SERVER Exp 800-1500x l Egg 1000x l HIGHDrop Custom l Selfmade Areas l Selfmade Monsters l 40 Reborns With Gifts l 3rd JOB QUEST AND 3rd Job Int-style SKILLS l Armor G1-G120 l Friendly Team l KOEM V2 l Website Online l Pro-User Panel l

3 Servers : 9999 / 999 / 999, REAL RATES, Professional staff team, 100 BUG free, protection, 24 / 7 online, DDoS Protected, Professional Network with NO LAG, Real 500 online players Join NOW

Better than ever Long Term, Medium Rate, 4 Classes, BattleField system, Guild vs Guild, 1vs1, Intlike F10, Pet System, Instance Dungeon, Craft System, Real DSS and BoF System, New Areas, New Monsters, New Quests, Professional Team

Old School KalOnline Private Server Exp x10 Global Grand Opening is 1st may 2009 Armor G8 to G65 max Weapons g1 to G65 max Events 3times/week : Scenario 3-1 and PvP 4vs4 Castle War active

HIGHRATE :400x Exp 200x Drop 100x Geon MIDRATE: 60x Exp 10x Drop (custom selfwritten) D5,D6 Armors G70,80,90,95,100 KOCP R11 PREM JOIN NOW

Start with level 1 - G40 Weapon - G19 egg - (500) teleports to each city - 50x EXP - kewl drops - 100 quest drops - new D4 - mix system - Event Island - new mobs - new level area - castle war

New server exp: 400x 200x Drop 100x Geon MIDRATE: 60x Exp

24/7 online 120x Exp 50x Egg Exp Custom Drops And Drop Rate - New Areas And Mobs - Vista Compatible - Online Mix amp Online Pimp (ps)add

Server RatesExp x20Egg Exp x10Mix Chance 80New FeaturesG60 amp G65 Armor addedHonor Weapons addedNew Temporary Fort addedNew PVP System addedAuto-updater addedAnd much more