Knight Online Private Servers

Target audience of Titan KO, is the old school :) and those of the new school that appreciate well balanced, organized PvP Welcome to a server where technique is all that matters

Knight Empire Server with Capes, New CZ, Bifrost, Merchant, New Skills, Quests and much more Running on a quad core CPU, 16 GB RAM (server computer) Uptime 24/7

New Privat Server Knight Online, KO Server 5000ex/5000ex/10000ex 1exp till 60 level nicely GM039s New PaTch Includes, visit now

new server same as mykoneed some ppl that can help me

LostSoulzKO provides a skill, time, and fun based gaming attitude Time based server not a Log-in and play server, its a time investment for items and leveling, once completing the leveling and item gathering, CZ has a new element to it that many other se

A Great PK / Farm server, Great Owner amp Great GM039s, Come join ShadowKO for a Great KO Experiance

Online strategy game Live tha ancient world Play game in 45 languages

koasno-ip PK server , instant lvl 80 , 100 upgrade +10, nice war, lot of event every days, gm Online 24h / 7 come and test us That free

Active old style Knight Online server Farm server with lvl cap 72 International Community Players from all the world Events like BDW, Gold Zone, War, Juraid and more Join us now and have fun

Royal Knight Online Worldwide Private Server, Low rates, Balanced classes, Maxim level 83, New quests, auto system events, Forgotten temple, BDW, Active GMs, MAX Shells +8 Join now

Knightonline1 is the world longest online private knight server, We ve never reset database since march 2011

Free Premium in Knight Online 3 days free come on Language turkish

Remember XTREMEMMORPG Konan deleted the forums BUT now there is a new community, with all the previous GMs like Robert, Canucks, Bullet, even WhatUpAll We are the new NightMare Community, with all the servers

LostTime Clan website We play on Ares G3 clan we are the most active clan in history

Updated daily Custom items, and skills ONLY here New zones, new monsters Running strong over 2 years now

All Items +10 - Full Non Stop Pvp - Friendly GMs - 1-99 Lvl On Worms - Worms With Gold Bar - All Unique Items In Sundires (All Uniques +5 but dont try do + ) Come And See

gtExp raTe 2500x gtlt Drop rate 50 gtlt Nice GMs gtltServer on 24hlt

Knight Online, Exp rate : 400 , Drop rate: 100 , ALL Armors , lvl 80 Skills , and Bifrost Items cooming soon, Enjoy

AphroditeKo - server not lagg , valkyrie armor , master armor ,all skill fixed,capes HERE,master SKILL HERE, lvl 80weapon

Extrems Knight Online Ver1102 with JPKO item and Delos

SnoxdKO Open Beta Private Server is hosted on a dedicated box - up 24/7 Delos Zone is enabled with unique weapons and monsters Many more features are added weekly It is one of the the most legit private servers using advanced server side techniques Co

custom items,no bugs,rates 1000x-1000x-1000x-adena 100000x,tax rate de enchant 100 max weaponts 25,armors 15

Just newly opened new russian/english server NO BUGS_NO LAGS_100Mb/ps Internet Channel, Friendly GM, First 30 players will get a GM SECOND 50 will get BEST ARMOR/WEPHurry