Last Chaos Private Servers

Avenger-LC is a new EP3 Server Custom AccesorysCustom P2 PetsCustom jewlesCustom World BossCustom NPC in game Cash NPCCustom Buff NPC Free Online time cash 4 per 10 minutes Online and Many Many more things to come

EXP: x60PH: x30Gold: x25Drop: x30Min/Max + on Drops: 1 / 10Quest EXP: x30

Lc Evolution Ep1 Fantastic, Exp:100, SP:Free,New Pet, Juno ep3

Grand reopening of Last Chaos - Lagends Returns private server Free items for first 50 players and lot more Oh and rates are 9999x for now

Erst Rates:Exp: x40Sp: x40Drop: x40Gold: x40come soon online time

xp 70 sp 170 drop 70 or 70 lvl cap 185 juno ep1 p1 and p2 x 100 ugrade 100 master stone

The NEW Last Chaos its free just for you 24/7FULL EP3 + CUSTOM CONTENT EXP x200,Gold x500,Drop x500,new updated client free to download, website up 24 /7 , no lag, fast loading You can start a new game right now Enjoy

New ep3LC, Npc for itens cash, vote cash, cash online, stable server, exp 50x, sp free, upgrade 100, pvp balancede, news maps, news mobs, news itens coming soon more

Servidor completamente en castellano Episodio 3 customizado Buen balance de PvP, Leveo totalmente nuevo, nuevas armaduras, nuevos sistemas, cash por votos y por estar en linea, etcUnete

Welcome to ShadowLC EP2 Server our rate are exp x50 sp free,gold x10, affinity x5 100 upgrade hs/runes max upgrade weapons +28 armor +25 with masterstone, Custome juno/Special quest/New maps:Cap Level 225 and more Join us and feel the real game


Starter Quest LVL 90 with 130k sp/EXP x100/SP x0/Gold x15/Drop x30/Pet Exp x200/Friendly Staff/Daily Events/Time to Cash system/Pet Cover System/DCS/MCS Twince a Week 1ST 10 PLAYERS TO JOIN WILL GET WELCOME PACK/1ST RANKED OF EACH CLASS WILL HAVE CUSTOM

Come join now Atlantis03 Last chaos, we are waiting for you with: Rates: -Exp x 100 -Drop x 60 -Gold x 50 -Upgrade x 60 -Affinity x 15 Level Cap : 177 Active Staff Events all Days Cash for online time: 20 points all 5 min, and 600 points for vote

Totalmente en castellano Levelcap 300, voto por shop,90 puntos cada 12 horas, puntos de shop por estar conectado, 25 puntos cada 10 minutos, Afinidades exclusivas, armas y armaduras hasta mas 25, Rates por 10 Os esperamos

Platinium Lastchaos is a PvP Server and Easy FarmingLevel Cap: 200Rates: Exp:x100 Sp:FREE Gold:x30 Buff Npcs And much More

Episode 3 Custom Server - Ex-Rogue ArchMage - Exp x50 - Pet x50 - x35 HS Drop - 80 Upgrade Rate - SP Free - LEVEL 240 CAP - 2 Years old Server - Large community with more than 240,000 Accounts Created - Custom Mobs, Pets, Titles - PVP Balance

Taste the old Touch of Oldschool Times from the Forgotten EP2 style Exp x20 Sp x20 Quest x5 Drop x10 Gold x20 Pet-Exp x100 Try it out :D

Exp x10FP x10Gold x5Drop x6Cap :165777 Feeling

We are a Episode 3 Classic server our Features: Online Time Cash, Vote4Cash, Autobuff System on CH3, New Quests, New Armor and Weapon, New Guild Skills, LevelCap: 175, Balanced PVP SYSTEMDaily Quests Exp Rate: x20, SP Rate: x20, Gold Rate: x20, Drop Rate: x20and much more

We are a NEW LastChaos EP3 Server , we offer you a costum rate server , a nice and friendly staff , we also offer you costum shops/npcs with awesome items Daily Buffs Vote 4 Cash , Online Time Cash Join our community and helps us to grow up

Nivel Maximo 230 x60 EXP x100 EXP Tiempo Dungeon x30 Oro x30 Drop x50 P2 Mascotas x85 Celestiales Mejora Maxima +18 Con Master Stone +23 Shop Online

Level Cap : 165 Exp : x30 Fp : x50 Drop : x50Affinity : x4 Gold : x10