Lineage2 Private Servers

ExtClan Server L2_C3 exp50, sp80, adena50, drop itens10 e spoil10 Server 100 Brasileiro

This is Greek C3 Server , Game Server has been update in New Machine with Xeon 300Ghz-2GB ram -2x 80 hard disk and 10Mbps internet connection have Fun

server rates 90x/150x/500info how connect in website

C3 Server 20x all duel xeon 30 ghz 4 gigs of ram and a t1 connection Events, Auto Account Creation, Auto Loot, GMShop Npcs, Special Enchants By GMs On Occasions And Lots More Come Check Us Out

L2_C3 Server 15x rates Max Level 80 Working Sub-classes GM Shop Working Quests Join Us Now

Chronicle: Lineage 2 Gracia FinalEXP/SP: 20x / Party EXP/SP: 2x / Drop: 10x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x / Seed of Destruction / TvT Event / Hide Seek Event / Retail Olympiad / 2 Weeks Sieges / PvP Zones

We are american Lineage 2 adena store serving north america We offer competitive prices and live support We offer many other services so come check us out


Super Cheap Lineage 2 adena, you find it ANYWERE CHEAPER we WILL beat it

Lineage2 Server with Events and More Soon to be C2

Lineage13 C2 Server Rates are exp 10/ sp15/ adena15/ drop50/ spoil75 THE TRUE MMORPG

Serveur Francais Lineage 2 Full RP Rates : xp2 sp3 adena3 drop5 spoil10 xpexp15 spexp 9 Roleplay Obligatoire Online 24/24 10mbits Connection

C2 server with rates 99 99 199 199

Great cool Europe Community C2 Acc Autocreate Fast Server in BetaTest-Phase Role play Events Striders GM-Shop Rates: 35x / 35x / 20x / 100x

Deutsch/Englisch Server , C3 Edition, viele Events, nette Gms, Rates: xp 7 sp 7 adena 10 drop 10 spoil 10 now visit us :)

Lineage][European server Rates: 150,150,1000,50

Antharas Lineage II Server Chronicle III - Working on full c3 - Rates 1x for Pro players

Latest C3 Stuff on Official rates 32X + added 200 spoils/drops bonus Quest items in shops 100mbit Ride-able Striders/Wyverns Working Sieges Weekly Updates Experienced Friendly 4-man GM Team Exploit Free

3 Hellbound Server 16x/5000x normal/PvP/Fantasy complete new NO L2J Unique events PvP/PvM/TvT/MvM/TD, 99 uptime - no lags