Minecraft Private Servers

Best Minecraft Polish server PVP FreeBuild Hardcore SurvivalGames WarGames Survival 5000 slots 128GB RAM NO LAG

50 person creative server No Lag, No Downtime, No excusesExcuses Let039s keep that going - More information Request builder access on our forums

We are an economy based Survival Mode Server We pride ourselves on having a fun and friendly community with little griefing problemsWe do require membership to build, however anyone may connect and check out the map

PVP/Guild Wars server for Minecraft IP:7420157242:25565Whole point of server is to explore and fight against other factions Only real rule is respect other players and don039t cheat

24/7 Online,No Whitelist,Protection mit Log sowie Register System, Griefer haben keine Chance,Shop-System(Eco) Job System,Quest SystemKommt doch mal zockenServer Hardware: 8x2,66ghz 12GB Ram 1Gbit 3TB IP: minority-gamingeu

NGU Minecraft servers with excellent staff Supporting Classic and Beta Great website with server updates MCLawl Classic and automatic Builder status

We share the awesome creations, skins, artwork, amp wallpapers submitted by Minecrafters

Welcome, to the 24/7 Minecraft world This server is on at all times with little to no lag Join in and have a experience of a lifetime

Info - IP - and rules on webbsiteServer is Beta 13 - RP-PVPGet in and have fun together

New server Just created with v13 Com join us and have fun No grief please Join please: 725133136:29765http://mcptweb44/

Best place to find and share Minecraft Skins

MineCraft v1_4 Ru Private Server - no lag - 24 /7 up - friendly community Limited register slots

The most well managed and customized minecraft SMP Server

- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -- PvP -

Kazan Minecraft Server Anticheat, iConomy, ShopsNO LAG and stable IP Join us

This Server is currently going through construction please check our forums for daily updates and additions This server has been started about a month ago We want to make sure that our gamers is going to enjoy our server as much as we enjoy it while balanced econ will always be there

24/7 Creative Server Great Staff iConomy, Group Manager Anybody can Build, Log Block, Chest Shop And More

A amazing server growing in size, massive updates all the time Site with Highscores, Webclient, and much more Godwars coming soon

No lag, No Whitelist, No BS, Just PvP HARDCORE

24/7 ServerFriendly communityMoney SystemEventsFreebuildWhitelist-Please register at Supercraft

Online City World is a growing community which runs on a in game economy and town system where you can build your own kingdom and become the king of it Please check out our site at Register here to get building right

Online 24/7 - Stable server - Quality Gaming - 100 free to play - Dedicated Mumble-server - Nice and helpful crew - Always expanding - Dedicated Forum - Hours upon hours of fun - Join now, and become part of MightyCrafters