Mu Online Private Servers

Grand Open 5 April 20:00 PM (GMT+2) season 6.3 original custom Gs-Team / Exp:200 / Drop:40x / New Map / New Event / Bot Sistem / PvpBalance / Wings Lvl 5 on Chaos Machine! and much more... P.s: High exp, Low Items Drop! Be number 1 on the continent and you will win The best wings on the continent of MuKyll Dinasty GRAND OPEN 5 April.....! Stay tuned!

Exp 30x Grand Opening 23 september and Exp 750x Grand Opening 30 september, Wings 4th 5th in Chaos Mix, Custom Store, Season Tournament, Balanced PvP, Castle Siege, Market, Vote Reward, Lorencia Ring, Referral System, Max Status 32767, Gold Member for Newbies

Join our Friendly Community and Play on a Long-term Server with Dedicated Support / Servers: PvP and Non-PvP / NO Custom Mods / Max 3 Exc Options or 3 Sockets per Item / Wings, Ancients, Jewels and ANY Crafted Item can ONLY be Obtained through PLAYING / REAL Online Players: NO /offlevel

Versiune: Season 3 Episode 1 / Exp:500xp / Drop:65 / Level reset:400 / Points Level: 5/6 Bless bug:On / Market System: On / Max stats:32767 / Ancient + Excellent FO / Exchange online hours for credits / Free Credits / WebShop / Grand reset system / Castle Siege On

- Versao: 97d+99i Classica- Experiencia: 2000x- Drop: 70- Bug do Zen: Online- Tipo de Reset: Pontuativo- Reset Free: 350 - 300- Reset VIP Prata: 330 - 350- Reset VIP Ouro: 310 - 400- Total de Jogadores: 100

A long and fair game Quality powerful equipment Good communication channels Honest responsive administration Always ready to help you, technical support Constant improvement and promotion of the project Modern equipment and communication channels of the server will allow you to enjoy a full-si

Exp:80 Drop:70 Reset:10 Castle Siege Premium Server Files Reconnect System 3D Camera Good Balance Mob HP Bar Offattack Store Jewels Offstore Vote Credits Outstanding quality Fresh Server 350+

Nuevas Evos, Nuevas Alas, Nuevas Armas Exp: Mid-fast X2000 Reset: Borra Stats 600ptos Por Reset, No Se Venden Items Full, totalmente Free To Play

Zenith Mu Ph32k Max StatsExp 99999Automated Freebies30 Days +15 FOjust type /gift

InvokerGamers es una comunidad con servidores totalmente estables Invoker Mu 97D+99B - Dificultad Medium y Mu Lemuria Season 4 Original, con su dificultad Slow Servidor de Counter Strike propio


PowerMU World - 3 different Servers, Premium Files and AntiHack, Castle Siege, Interesting Events, Great Boss drop Rewards, Nice Leveling road, CashShop System, Stable 24/7 Longterm Server, Limited Webshop, In MU We Trust - Join US

[Season 6 EP3][5000x][9999x VIP][3 Server][800 User ON][Balanced PvP][Free Exc Items][Free PcPoint Wings][FREE 6000 In Stats][Easy Exc, Vote Reward][Super Stable 24/07][10gbs Cero Lag][Free PcPoint Every Day][Never Account Wipe 2008][65K MaX stats]

X9999 GRAND OPENING 12102018 SEASON 13 4th class, Quest System, Wings, Options, Skill Tree, New Map Deep Dungeon, Guide Quest System, Items Division System, Mini-Game Jewelry Bingo, Chaos Combination Material System, New Map Swamp of Darkness, Lord of Darkness Battle, New Mastery Equip

Season 3, Episode 1 - Exp and Drop: 100x / 60x - Balanced PvP - Max Resets: 60 - Grand Reset System - Long Term Server - Online 8+ Years without database wipes - Active Developers, Active GMs, Great Community: Helpful Players and GMs - Unique and Balanced Game Economy Market Join us today

[Exp x1500][Drop x65][PJS Balanceados][Items Full Gratis][Sistema de Resets][Sistema de Votaciones][Sistema Anti-Dupeo][Sistema Anti-Cheat][Evento PvP][Evento de Palabras][Evento de Carreras][Evento de Apuestas][Castle Siege y mucho mas]

MU-Spirit Server Open in November 10 [Season 13][EXP300][GM Events Like Old Days][Balanced PVP,PVE][NoPay2Win][32k Max Stats][Balanced Market, Prices] We hope to see you in our Servers opening

MU Extension Season 9 Episode 2,Non Reset, Normal EXP x40, Master EXP x10, Max Option 3, NO GEAR DONATION, All excellent items drop, Custom Boss Drop, Great Event drops, Join us Today

MU-REPUBLIC VERSION: SEASON 9 [Max Stats 32767][Experience x5000] [Max Master Level 440] [Grand Reset System] [Max Full Option] [Drop Rate 50] [Balance Pvp]

Season 6 E3, Exp: x100, Drop: 30, Bonus party, Pjs Balanceados, Max Stats: 65000, Items Fulls: No, WebShop: Si, Membrecias Vip: Si, Reset: Borra stats y otorga 400 puntos Mas que un server, somos una comunidad

An adventure where you can get what you want most in the history of mu online, duels and battles totally balanced so you can conquer the castle with all your skill, totally American server

Unique Season 9 Mu Online Private Server Non Reset 32767 Jewels/Events/Hunting - Character Progress Valuable Zen Full Option on In-Game-Shop Focus highlight on S9 socket and pentagram building Opening on November 2, 2018 Join Dismis Mu Online Gaming NOW

MU4U - MU FOR YOU S13, X50 OPENING 18 OCTOBER Exp: 50x, master exp: 50x Resets max 30: 500 Free points 1milZen Grand reset: 30 resets 100mil Zen GR, Stats burns, free stats 5000