Myth of Soma

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New mods: Jail escape, Fly like bob, Instant Mountain , Coroutine Cover and more New mods every day with a cheap item mall

Brand new Myth of Soma serverVery high rates Fast growing community, good GMs and a high uptime, custom items, monsters and events, join us today

Myth of soma servers and mroe talk about them here

Long Term server - purchased for 12 months, forum up now

New Vote PageDedicated Server - Opened Jan 22nd 2008 100 + Users at peakHuman Soma leveling rates: 4xDevil Soma leveling rates: 3xCrafting rates: 5xMoral rates: 2xDrop rates: x1 (reason for this)Barr rate: x2

Decicated Server Hsoma rates:4x DSoma rates:3x Crafting rates:5x Custom Bosses, Custom Ledgendary Weapons / Armour Events Window Mode

RemixSoma being released soon, Slow Rates regular updatesNew map for after hunting trolls Troll Cave new spellsimplemented along with 6th and 7ths auras,gem system implemented, dedicated team working for you and the server


New Myth of soma server, Launching 2nd July 2011Dedicated server hosting,Dedicated Development teamX4 rates, lots of new content including new maps and over 170 new mobs and skins

Great community, incredible friendly staff members, huge improvements, no lag, DDoS protected, no , 4 servers with different rates including 9999x Join now

Exp 150x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Daily Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, No Bugs, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now

FireStorm Soma SERVER dedi server up all day 24/7 unless otherwise stated about updates to server running under windwos xp, 32ghz HT Pentium 4, 4gb DDR, 20mb isp line, dupe throw fix, and remote shutdown packet fix

A new myth of soma server about 4x faster than Esoma but with 3 new maps, new mobs, new armours weapons, quests the lot a brand new experience

Myth Of Soma - New Server - Exp High - Easy Playable - Much People - No Lag - Enter And Play It

x5 rates, new content - check forums for more info

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Stern-Myth of Soma New Pserver Play for free

Brand new server for Myth of Soma Custom Items 100x exp 100 drop Friendly community and great gm that do theyre job

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