Pirate King Online Private Servers

New top/pko private server Uns55,66,75,85,95,110,135,175 seller, exchanger Much NPC, ca opens every 1 hour, Admin: Russian, Lithuanian, Armenian, English speaking :)new caps,gems,items,mobs,maps JOIN US RIGHT NOW

New Server latino pirata fun la redes hamachi son PiratesFun2 PiratesFun3 etc para todos la pass 123 new server latino gm amigables tenemos centro de donaciones etc

[MAIN WEBSITE] already Open for Non-Hamachi, Cool Balanced server, Join now Grand Line Networks

Nuevo server 24/7, non hamachi, rates solox20, partyx25,Fairyx500,Dropx10Server como la vieja escuela, FC y DS abiertos, max lvl 100, max pet lvl 51, New textures,glows, etc Mas informacion entra en nuestra web Ya

We039re are releases the 20 game version we following by 20 redeem version games Please play with us low-rates server

Tales of Avenge Online is an Not so Easy / Not so Hard Server It was created by ToATeam Rates: x5 Solo x10 Party x10 Drop x100 Fairy Join Today V20 is Here New Server Hamachi Networks: Tales of Avenge Online1-20 Password: 123456

Working 24/7New skills incomingExp: 100x Party Exp x10 NON HAMACHI JOIN TODAY

Upa Games Brand New Brazilian Private Server No HamachiRates:15x Solo-Exp, 20x Party-Exp, 10x Drop-Rate, 50x Fairy Growth 90 of Item Mall items are dropping from the mobs or quests Enjoy us now for fun

New Top Private Server One-hit Online Exp x 25Party x 30Fairy x 9999Drop x 15 we ar Non hamachi dedicated Servermax lvl 110max pet lvl 70

New TOP server New Bosses,New maps New Fun Quests Friendly and Experienced GM TeamAwesome Rates Weekly Events Vote For Mall Points

Solox20,partyx25,Fairyx500,Dropx8 New items Maller and no maller,Easy donation system,Max lvl 120, Max pet lvl 51,Friendly GM039s, Bosses, Hard Geming

Rates: solo 5x/pt 8x/ fairy 50x/ drop 3x/ Server is up 24/7 Opened on July 8th, 2012 40+ players constantly online Lots of maps Friendly/helpful GMs Check the website for more features

Server Online 24/7 Server Rates : 25 x Solo-Exp 15 mins for lv150 35 x Party-Exp 10 x Drop-Rate 650 x Fairy-Growth 1 x Ship-Exp

24/7 Online - Dedicated Server - Strong Network - Smooth Gaming - New Weapons and Armors - Balanced Game - Friendly and Fair [Admin]and [GM]-

[New] Private Server [ToP] Online:24/7 Special Map only bosses inside to farm itemsRates: 25XP Max level 132 Pet max level 100Join Now NO HAMACHI 4 NEW CLASSES ADDED EASY MONEY - White Knight,Wizard,Engineer,ArtisanJOIN US

This is one of the most balanced servers New skills incoming All re Edited unsealed equips and lvl 70 equips 100 balanced 24/7 ONLINEFor More Information About The Features Visit Our Web Or

24/7 server 20 with all maps running all quest working , about our rates solo x7 party exp x10 drop rate x7 and growth x250 , there is many stuffs u039ll like it , and many updates in come don039t wait to join us )

Exp:8x(Doubled on Weekends)/Drop Rate:5x,Fairy Exp: 100x/Party Exp x8/Dedicated Server/No Downtime/Wipes/Rollbacks/LAGWe have kind GM039s, A HUGE community ,New Quests, Events and MapsIts our 2year anniversaryJoin Now

Rates: EXP:3 PEXP:5 DROP:4 Growth:20All map on: bh, ca, ga, aurora,etc

NEW SERVER - Mid rates, easy to make money, friendly GM and community - many custom NPC, apparells and quests - Hamachi for now, soon non- - 24/7, no Item Mall - max lvl 150 (train at winter / aurora / dark mobs) - join Hamachi TopKiller1-10 pass 123456

Nuevo Server Privado del Juego Tales Of Pirate 08/03/2010Vieja escuela Patch 135Descargalo aqui: Hamachi:ToPServ1ToPServ2ToPServ3Pass: 123 para todasCuenta :

ELVEN MEMORIES SERVER INFO SOLO EXP 15X PARTY EXP 20X DROP RATE 8 PET GROWTH 150 SHIP EXP 10X NON HAMACHI SERVER 24/7(Memories Is Priceless When u know how to sharing with the one you care)

18 x Solo-Exp20 x Party-Exp10 x Drop-Rate40 x Fairy-Growth80 x Ship-Exp

Server Info:exp solo: 10xexp party: 15xexp drop: 10xthere are sand bag lv 1-5 around argentnpc:Rebirth npcuns npc 45 - 55 - 65 - 75 - 85 - 95 (and ring 85)Force Maze Teleporter: fc - ds - dw - Force Pk Map - WinterBD set npcRing Se