Redmoon Private Servers

Version 45 With all new items skills, Completely customised with the best of everything Plenty of players Server is hosted on a Quad-Core system Making it the Best Performing RedMoon Server Come join the New Evolution of Redmoon

Redmoon new items and more fast servers talk about them here

Redmoon Legendary is a brand new up and coming redmoon server We have a great host computer to provide for a great gaming experience We are a 38e server with 39 skills, the experience is 3x the original with slightly enhanced drops Come check us out

All interesting, funny, crazy and stock picture Only picture World is here

Great community More people joining daily Stable Server Active Forums Active Admins/GMs Great Support New Custom Items JOIN TODAY

This is a very old private site looking for new members plz e-mail me for now till site gets up againe-mail icp9hotmail

The quotold Redmoonquot with a new twist Slightly increased exp(15x) 2 Added maps with edited monsters Go play, have fun and find out about the new quotTwistquot

We are using legacy1039s 39/44 content patches for version 38 We also have a twist of our own with max level being 5k (8000 BPs after 1k) and having tons of custom items We plan on making it a whole lot more custom The experience rates are 8x/16x

Great fun lots of free stuff and 20000000000x xp

Friendly staff New updates Steady Events We got it here Join Redmoon online, and enjoy our fast, dedicated server, for community039s best performance Come join us

Final Entertainment brings you a new Redmoon Server Although just opened, we thrive to keep our server safe, with our Windows Server 2008 Dedicated It give you a fast paced, non loagged game Join now for exciting new features and patches coming soon

3 Servers : 9999 / 999 / 999, REAL RATES, Professional staff team, 100 BUG free, protection, 24 / 7 online, DDoS Protected, Professional Network with NO LAG, Real 500+ online players Join NOW

The best Redmoon server of allEXP x5000,Drop x2000 GP 5000Custom items, custom dungeons, custom creature and many more Enjoy

Redmoon Classic is the most popular Redmoon server with the largest community We

Redmoon Ultra is a new server to play a great game

Redmoon Free Server - 39 Skills - Fast C W - Much People Playing - Fryendly People - Enter And Live It

This is a Community of Redmooners There you got ideas, list of servers, downloads, addons, etc Join us and enjoy with our best game RedMoon