RF Online Private Servers

RF Able :: Private Lithuanian server :: Episode 2 Part 1 Update 5 :: Rates are NORMAL :: Friendly Community and Staff :: Max level 55 :: Join our server for free

Level 85 Max less than 2 Hrs to level 85Free Lvl 85 Intense Ages Armour Set +5Free Lvl 85 Intense Weapon +5High Upgrade rateReady for high level PVP

High Rates x5, Coming Very Soon Red Line Relicts, 24/7 online time ,150+ online players , Russian/English/Latvian Support for players

Max Level 70 - 5000x EXP - Very High Rate Server - Many Event Rewards Official Group Facebook :

Exp Rate x75 Premium x150Drop Rate x5 Premium x10Aniumus x375 Premium x750Mining Exp x5 Premium x10PT SKILL GMSell Rate x2Lelang ONMail OFFDual Login ON Max 2ClientMax Upgrade +7


Novo Server de RF online GIGA 4 EPSODIO 2, link: 100MB/s dedicado - Rates 21x/GM/6x , 24/7 sem BugTodos os dias evento, GM e ADM amigaveis(Manutencao)Forum

[Latvian / Russian / Enghlish] New server with rates x3 RF Online ltJOIN USgt

Galera Muito Show Esse ServerVamus Jogar VC Clicando aii vai ser direcinado para o forume de la eles te encinam tudo

New 2232 server Unseal quest offLevel cap 55 +6 max upgrade Devcorp enabled exp 1000x lootrate 50x mining 100x animus 9999x Mail off UTS off Join now

24/7 Rising Force Online 1x Rates Dual Xeons, 2x10mbit, 4gb ram Giga 3 Soon Giga 3 Graphics

FULL EPISODE 223 - 17x Mid Server, Level 65 Cap, New Armor, Weapons, MAUs, Siege, Summons New Elven Map, No OP Donations, No Lag, Weekly Events, Vote Reward System Growing Community AutoUpdate amp FileModification security NO CRASHES

German RF Online Server with 200x rates and costum items very nice community and gms

RF Online Server [Rates: 21/GM PTs/3x Drops] PVP Server Dedicated server with 6GB Ram, no lag at all Great community, Helpfull GMs, - Giga 3/5 True server RF Ocean

RF Online Giga 4 Very High Rates, Start with Maxed Pts PVP Server

We are the best rf high rate with 1000+ accounts and 500+ activ player rates are 1200x500x500x500 you start with 1000000 money all working no bugs ENJOY

RF Online Giga 4-5 Private server PvP server Rate : 21x/GMed/10X Active Update every week Exp animus 14X Isis update more power Red Isis / RMAU / RLauncher soon OS : windows server 2003 Entreprise Edition Dual Xeon 34GHZ 6GB RAM join

Rates are High Great Server, Hardly Lags, Up To Date, Great Uptime Friendly Community and GMs Come Join in the fun (We are also hosting a WoW and Rose Server)

Fun Server Just begin ExpDrop:Max Enjoy have fun (Giga4)