Rohan Private Servers

ROHAN - Anarchy PVE 2018,Real Heroic III,Play 2 Win

Rohan Addicting Network is a Rohan Online Private Server with Experience: x300 Drop Rate: x500 Rare: x900 Unique: x700 Ancient: x600

All Retail Updates added, 9999x Rates, DDoS Protected, 99 Uptime, FUN and DEDICATED staff team, Vote for Cash, Real CASH prizes, Daily events, Brand NEW Server, First 50 will get a GM title Join Us Now

Exile Gaming is Free To Play Rohan Private Server We have stable and supportive community High Rates and Game Experience

New Rohan P-ServerRates: Exp x35, drop x75, Forge Rare/Unique: 90, Ancient: 70, 80 Refine/Down-Status, Balanced Skills Full Anti-, Voten for DonationPoints[DPs], IP Mall Merchant NPC, Free to Play

Balanced Server Dedicated 24/7 Creative Staff Team New bosses Hero II

Exp :x20 Drop :x15 Forge : 70 Starting items: Full armor set, Weapons, 4x Ring all stats, Monkey, 5x Ses, 5x ASES, gift item for each 10 level, prizes for online players and many events

Exp 150x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Daily Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, No Bugs, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now

[Experience Rates]1-110 - FASTIP Drop Ratio: MEDIUM[Starter Items]Very good starting items eq8x SeS + ASESPermanent MonkeyHunter Kit 24hAdorned Option Stones Glacial Weapons Glacial Armors in MAGIC SHOP FOR CRONE IP SHOP

Classic Server Level Cap : 110 Farm for your Equipments

Trinity Private Server Ever New Items/Mounts/Dungeons/Rings /Weapons/ Mobs Leveling/and Free Item Mall Items Ingame

Ultimtate Rohan Server: exp x5000, drop x5000, crones x3000 Max level 110, dedicated server, fully spawned, full-proof anti-cheat, no hacked items, item mall, guild logo, automatic patcher, balanced pvp

The best top rated server No item mallAll items in game to farm Level 115Most balanced server NO PAY 2 WIN ALL ITEMS IN GAME

Max Level: 120 Skill: Hero III Variant Game Type: PVP Middle ALL ITEM IN IP MALL OBT SERVER SKILL HERO III ACTIVE HUNTER KIT ACTIVE Exp x40 Drop x30 Crone x30 New Pet New Mount Antihack Group FB: Searching NusantaraRO-Hero 3

Server Classic Xor Hunter Kit Active Point login Active : 5 min 1 poin Poin guild : 1500 / 300 Anti Crash : active Anti Dupe : Active HackShield : Active weekend Maintenance : Friday Rate :25x EXP 5x Drop 25x Crone Rare : 80 Unique : 60 Ancient : 40 Refine stat / level 50

Classic Server max level 99 no lower no upper no hazy no ronelia max bedron elemental dungeon active Join Us now

The fate of battle void rohan hero 2Max level 110Exp x14Drop x10Crone x2 untill x5Crafting ModeHunter KitRare 50 percentUnique 70 percentAncient 40 percent

Welcome to ROHAN DarksideWebsite : Discord : monthly : Info:

Max Level 130 With S3 full EXP 15X and 500 extra event Main Area GH with all Npc Visit US for more infos about inferno

PVE/PVP,Modern Concept,Simply Craft,Battle of Heroes Event, Est 2017 December

New:fresh reset, balanced pvp for all classes,Minor TSB every 12h for prizes, great level rewards, no OP items, Max level 130, trinty, hero III, recycle,exp x40, drop x10, crones x30, Dedicated server, 1Gbps bandwidth, full-proof anti-cheat, no hacked items, new server: fresh reset [EU realm]

New Private Server RohaniansAuto channge JobTeleportu Upper/lowerExp 15Drop x15Crone x15Upgrade Safe +6Upgrade Safe Rings +6 Much more