Rose Online Private Servers

Welcome To Future Next Dark ROSE online game We have professional server, Good Site, p2p items, players, Dark Events, and more and it is based on the irose version come visit us NOW

LegendRose is a brand new server with 50x Exp, 50x Drop 50x Zuly rates, And nice GMs GMs give items away when there is an event Server is back ONLINE

New server almoust 24/7 on no lag drop 15x exp 15x fixed bugs working npc + skills working buff fairy in zant join now

High Rate Server Everyone get Adminrights VISIT US

Shades of ROSE is a private server that has a nice community and is growing fast

New RoseOnline Private server, EXP rate 32x / Drop rate 2x / Price rate: 1x, Join us now

Fridgecritter Rose Online Hosted Server 24/7 with Rates: 200/200/200 with Item Mall, custom install launcher /reborn function for those who are lvl 250

The longest running ROSE Online server - Thousands of players - Level 228 - Five Planets - Monster Mounts, Costumes, Achievements, Dueling, Game Arenas, PvP Rankings, Mining, Havesting, Titles and more Daily Arenas, Dungeons and Raids - Level 120 for FREE

Online since 2007 - Most advanced Rose Online server with PVP Event Games every day, Third Jobs, Weekly Planet War on 5 Planets and Tournaments, Dungeons, Marriage, Duels, Mounts, Harvesting, Achievements - International server - English and Portuguese UI - Booster to Lvl 150 on first character

24/7 uptime EVO server, friendly community, including Staffs 250 MAX LEVEL: Reborn::Freebies::DailyEvent::PvP::Union Wars::UnionShops::OfflineVend::OnlinePointsSystem::AutoBuffer:: And many many more Come and JOIN us

Welcome to Furia - The Friendliest Server Online:FURIAROSE REBORN::5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY:: Active GMs, frequent in game events, evo-style server Max point stats 800 No reborn limit Rates 25x400x250x

Well this server is over 90 done it should be out soon we got a fully working login map char server evrything is good to go its just being tested for bugs come check us out

Welcome To Future Next Heavenly Rose Game The server is running on irose version and its complete but we are on beta testing for nowrates are 10x exp /5xdrop /5x zulieWe have professional server, Good Site, p2p items, players, Events, and more come

This is the server where your ROSE Online dreams become reality Lvl to 250, use carts/castle gears, fight mobs, use high lvl weapons/armour, friendly GMs and much more And it is entirely free-to-play

Server is online stilll needet some dev every boddy can log in and download the game server almoast 24/7

24/7 Online Stable Lag Less Friendly GMs Level without knowledge Join us today

Private server - just open 20 exp rate

freindly gms friendly community so come join our great community

Your dreams will become reality Be a part of Rose NG Lvl to 250, use carts/castle gears, fight mobs, use high lvl weapons/armour, friendly GMs and much more And it is entirely free-to-play

Check this out You can start power leveling now with these super tips

Rose Online Private Server Fun server Need Players Updated and Recoded Weekly Very Little Down Time Forums

Hidden-Rose is the one of the best with autoserver restarter, mysql restarted and with 100 uptime guarantee Great Events, Friendly GMs, Item Mall, Skill Books Many more Come Join Us

cool server with a job change site and we are constantly working for a better server so if you want to play rose online with almost no bugs you should join dutch fighters