Silkroad Online Private Servers

New Silkroad Server No Downtime - 24/7 Online exp: 2000x gold: 2500x skill 2000x Premium items in shop Economy No Bugs No Lag 150 + Always on 100M on start

((MOM))((Fun MMOPRG Forum))((Almost 20 000 Users, Be4 Server Wipe))((Almost 20 000 Users, Be4 Server Wipe))

SREmu: A Silk Road Emulator programmed from scratch in C++

NO BOTS ALLOWED - Origin Online is an unique server with all features of the Original Silkroad game, the game we all know and love - Current Cap: 80, EXP/SP 3x, EUR/CHN Races Unique events, GMs Online, Clean community

Free Silkroad Tools,bots and other thinfs

[Cap 110 Old School] 6 different events - Rates 100x - Race Chinese and Europe - Battle Arena enabled with higher reward - Mastery: 360 - Experience: x500 - unique character context menu - And more FIND OUT NOW

High rate Silkroad server with unique rebirth system, item forge, unique skill system, daily automatic events, friendly GMs, Free Silk, Free Items, Online 24/7 EXP 150x SP 150x Party EXP 160x Drop 200x Gold 15x Berserk 10x Giant Spawn 5,5x General Move Speed 2,2x

110 Cap 100x EXP 150x Party EXP PLAY2WIN Alchemy 3x 2 SILKHOUR Vote4Silk Active Staff

Welcome To Evolution Sro Dg14 Cap 130 New Skill /New System / Auto event / New Area

old VictorSRO server since 2012 it never closed but just added a lot of features , Unique Rank , Roc Event , Weekly Events, Automatic Events , FortressWar,Upgrade System , Swtich Item System , Quests , Rebirth System , Special Trade System more features you will see as soon as you join in

Race:Ch Eu -Cap 110- Mastery: 330 - Experience: x15 - Party Experience: x30 - Skill Points: x50 - Item Drop Rate: x50 - Gold Drop Rate: x50 Battle Arena On - Dedicated Server - Online 24/7unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GM and much more Join us now -1 Hour 1 silk after 105

PureSRO High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique system, Weapons new Look, unique skill system, unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now [Free Silk][Free Items][Online 24/7][Dedicated Root][EXP 150x][SP 150x][Party EXP 160x]Drop 200x][Gold 15x][Berserk 10x]

Legion Silkroad private server 140 CAP 140lv Skills New STYRIA event 15d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade system Active Job Custom items and more Join US

New private server provided by Roto Games Team, Cap 110, New Reborn System Max Lv3, Free Silk, BOT commands, Upgrade Forge System in BOT, New Alchemy Easy system, Automatic Event Bot, Full Secured, Much more stuff come join now and enjoy our Server

80,000 Players Since 2010 Maximum Perfection No Bots No Lagg Vote4Silk 130 CAP 13D OLD JOB SYSTEM ARABIA UPDATE 2-3B Gold per Trade Skill Reset Stat Point Reset MAX +20 Upgrade any Weapon to the next higher Degree JOIN NOW

Silkroad latino internacional con items d13 cap120 skills 120 started pack Eventos todos los dias exp40/Drop10/Gold10 Entren

[Cap 110 OLD ISro D11]-[Cap 130 D14] starter pack, stable server with advanced security, bot free realms, high uptime plus the unique Item Forge, Click the banner for More Info

Cap-90-Race-CH-Masteries-300-Exp-x40-Skills-x60-Item Drop-x8-Gold Drop-x8-Alchemy-1,5-Max plus-[+12 w/o adv]-Guild limit-50-Union limit-3-IP Limit-3-Job Limit-1-Max Degree-9-Fortress War-HT-Vote for Silks-2-Botting-Allowed

Server Silkroad Online Bot, EXP 1000x, SKILL 1000x , Drop 1000X,SOS,SOM,SOSUN Drop 10x and free isro bot Buy cheap silk and gold High uptime Join Today SilkRoad Online emulator for server creation

Need a proggramer who can make a MS private serverrates will be 50x exp 75x drop and 100x quest exp

Des Affaires Basiques sur GunBound Silk Road et Lineage 2