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A active Star Wars RP forum with over 1700 posts, 130 members But its the ultimate fun that counts

SWG Reckoning is a Jedi enabled Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU Server - Our mission is to bring Pre-CU SWG back to the masses while also striving to provide the best possible play experience for our community - Join one of the FASTEST growing SWG servers - Relive the Star Wars Galaxies saga today

Classic Pre-cu SWG, Retail Server rates, 1 account per Ip, 2 characters MAX per account, 1 character MAX online per account Village Jedi Unlock, FRS Future server content NGE assets,housing,weapons,armor,loot Follow our server roadmap

A guild located on the Interpid server U worthy enough for the Empire We are looking for members everyday we are a PvP and PvE guild We do allow crafters, medics, docs, and ect All imps are welcome to join and also nuetrals NO REBS

Welcome to the Event Horizon Guild This giuld will be created once again in the SWG-Monster Server when it come online If you are a Rebel or just want to live a peacefull and productive life in the Star Wars Universe, come and join us now

Welcome Jedi and Sith friends to The Star Wars Shop - Jedi-Robe Whether your search is for Star Wars Costumes, Star Wars Toys, Star Wars Figures, Star Wars Playsets, Star Wars Vehicles as well as 100039s of other Unique and Special products you

Sw-tor-credits is a professional SWTOR Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor CD Key service that enhances your game playing experience to the max

Friendly, Fun Pre-Cu server New planets, New races, Custom content added regularly and Weekly events Fantastic community and helpful staff Come join us, you wont be disappointed Players from all over the WorldCome Join Us at SREmu

It is our goal to enable the players to login, select professions, gear up and go play We have eliminated the need for the XP grind and Jedi Grind Login, Have FUN We have New Bunkers/Professions/Species/Crafting paradise [former RogueOne] Check us out you will not be sorry

A must join site if you love star wars a lot

We have discussions, awards, graphic wars, graphic requests, and our main featureour rpg Come check it out

Space Odyssey is a turn based game with two servers, normal, and wars It is a free game that requires no download although there is an optional upgrade to gold account

FREE MMOG Exploits, Dupes, Macros, Guides, 3rd Party Programs, FREE

Come Vist and Make Your Own Star Wars Private Server Come Vist and Make Your Own Star Wars Private Server Come Vist and Make Your Own Star Wars Private Server Come Vist and Make Your Own Star Wars Private Server Come Vist and Make Your Own Star Wars Priva

A Star Wars forum with an RPG set in ther year 65 ABY

More than 75 SWG videos on one site Forum, gallery and more register for free and be a part of video community now

Quests, Chu-Gon Dar links, and daily SWG news

Oceania Pre-CU/NGE server community Have your say on the forums and help shape the Mosophet server Friendly forum, discussion polls, your input is appreciated This is not a care bear server, dedicated mature players only SICK OF 300 PING Support

Re-creating all aspects of the official Pre-CU servers and adding in new quests and new player events weekly Check us out

Set 100 years after ANH (Site in need of Sith/Jedi and Ben Chi (new extra galactic race)

New-Ahazi on Star Wars Galaxies, A server by the community, for the community

SWG UpRising Re-uniting the old and new Pre-CU+ at its best Server hosted by FragHaus within its own Network Operations Center which means more bandwidth and higher possibilites than any other SWGEMU

Star Wars Galaxies Fan website / a story of a Bounty Hunter / Server Farstar / Big Screen database there