MMO Private Server Ranking

Grand Open 5 April 20:00 PM (GMT+2) season 6.3 original custom Gs-Team / Exp:200 / Drop:40x / New Map / New Event / Bot Sistem / PvpBalance / Wings Lvl 5 on Chaos Machine! and much more... P.s: High exp, Low Items Drop! Be number 1 on the continent and you will win The best wings on the continent of MuKyll Dinasty GRAND OPEN 5 April.....! Stay tuned!

Exp 30x Grand Opening 23 september and Exp 750x Grand Opening 30 september, Wings 4th 5th in Chaos Mix, Custom Store, Season Tournament, Balanced PvP, Castle Siege, Market, Vote Reward, Lorencia Ring, Referral System, Max Status 32767, Gold Member for Newbies

New Dedicated Server 10mbps connection Philippine Server //Exp Rate:x150 //Drop Rate:x70 //Gold Rate:x120 Daily Event Lots of Free costumes in Alker Merchant //Increase max level to 150 Join us noW

Incredible support, latest free to play, official updates, new gameplay, easy to play, instant leveling system, try us now and you wont regret

Trinity Entertainment Luna Online PServer // Open Beta // 24/7 // All English // 25x Exp Rate // Great Community

New core all working, great dev team , custom items , no-donation server , working with official client , Real server rates 10000 x AT ALL Free starter set and gm title for first 50 Players Join NEW

New Luna private server, you will enjoy exp x10 rate x10 drop x10Open Beta

Arch Luna Online is a Luna Plus private server, designed to give players a wider content and slightly different game play for all types of players to enjoy Join our growing community

3th RO2 server in the world - 10x exp - 10x drop - no wipes - growing comunity - daily bug fix - always online

Free gift for new players - New Update - 32GB ECC RAM - Dedicated Server 24/7 - No Spam - PvP - No Lag - No donation needed - Lots of players online - No Bugs - Active community - Great Staff - We have moderators and admins that help you with every need